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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

LANDS OF LORE- The Throne of Chaos

LANDS OF LORE- The Throne of Chaos

With the voice talent of Patrick Stewart ( Also Known as Captain Jon Lu c Pi card of STNG) this game has to go down in history as an all time classic. This game is not only a classic, but it has a lot in common with other TSR games.

The controls are just like eye of the beholder, and the best part is that you do get help in your quest.
King Richard (Patrick Stewart) sends the call for a champion to protect the kingdom against the evil Scorcher. Scorcher gets her hand on the mask which can shape shift her and hide her true appearance. She plots to destroy King Richard and the castle.

The champion you choose also has a big part on the game play. For example a champion chose with high magic ability will yield magic game strategy, where as a champion with high strength will make for a hack and slash game of brawn.

This game is a great classic game that you can get in to. The setup and movement of the game, or controlling the game for you laymen, is similar to the style of the classic eye of the beholder controls. It is easy for you to be able to move about the place and you should see the standard setup on the screen.

With all the fore mentioned information you can see why this game is a classic, and how easy it is to play. Getting this game free is also good. You never have to take our word for it you’ll just have to see for yourself, go ahead it is not like it cost you anything go get it today.

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