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Monday, September 16, 2013


This is a rare game, and its origins are even rarer. The story takes place when Joe calls you to do him a favor and drive out to an old house that is replete with paranormal activity. Roxy has gone and done it again, getting so enthused about the new technology that is only in it's early prototypes of development. she has gone and gotten stuck in astral phase which means your gonna have to save her.

This game is not for the faint at heart it is filled with many fragmentation of ghost stories that your going to have to put together.

System requirements

Windows 98
512 Mb ram
256 color graphics card
quick time installed ( if you do not have it do not worry its on the CD)

OK most people now a days do not use windows 98 or are like me and have an old laptop of windows 98 just for the game. Your going to have to open the CD where the game is right click on the game and go to properties click the compatibility tab and change it to windows 98 this will set up in windows 98 style and environment.

Next after the game and quick time are both installed your going to have to repeat the step on the game installed on your hard drive. Right click on the game click properties then click the compatibility tab and change to windows 98 environment.

This game is extremely rare these people should not have stopped it is one of the best games gamers have voted on. If you are looking for the game you have come to the right place. Just go to the download image and click to download, this way you do not have to take my word for it. You can see that this rare game is very enjoyable with a good story line. Check this game out for yourself

Included the User game manual
You should download this game here and try it remember it is free.

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