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Monday, September 25, 2017


The statement of “Action speaks louder than words” is the most respected fact that has ever been spoken. What we have here is a complete and utter disaster that each individual person is guilty of allowing to continue. Let us see, by the end of this if you are on the right side of history, or the wrong side of history.


Our Society is divided like never before. We continue to divide ourselves over sexism, racism, religions, political party, and ideologies which are all a bunch of lies and deceit. Weather you know it or not, there are other life outside in the Universe, and each think of us as a virus of the universe. Why? That should be obvious, we are the only species in the Universe that has killed our own species.

Let us look at some basic Universal Knowledge that is all too well Known. Remember, Beliefs are all lies, only knowledge is true power.

Have you ever seen GOD?

That question, everyone on this dam planet should have answered YES to. God is not a man, nor is it a woman, nor is it anything that will judge you. God is that blue glow around our planet. I can tell you a lot of facts that will back this up, but let us look at even the most obvious that every Doctor, scientist, actor, actress, and a large majority take for granted, and do not pay attention too. We shall do this in a question and answer session.

Q: What do we as human beings breathe in?

A: Oxygen

Q: What do we as Human Beings breathe out?

A: Carbon Dioxide.

Q: What do Plants breathe in?

A: Carbon Dioxide

Q: What do plants breathe out?

A: Oxygen

Do you finally get this now? We are all connected to each other. There is no division here. Why would any person in their right mind think they are better, when everyone is equal? If I cut off everyone's hand in the world they would all bleed right? YES! Therefore No one is better we are all one race the human race. God is an energy that we are connected to. It is far time that we take self responsibility and know our power within and become the creators of a better world, rather than just dealing with what has already been created by those that do not have our best intentions at heart.


This question should not have to be asked by any person with even ½ of a brain. The Woman is the creator. Woman has the child, it is the woman that decides if she wants to share her life with you. You are supposed to enhance each other's lives, not hinder them. There is a difference now between a female and a woman. If you do not know the difference then it is you that is the problem. A real woman, just like a real man knows the definition of Unconditional Love.

Unconditional Love- Love that is freely given, with no conditions and no restrictions. Love is not separated by gender.

A Bi- Sexual Woman, Not a Bi-Sexual female, is probably the closest thing to a real woman. Why? Because she owns her sexuality, she knows what she wants, and the most important part is she goes by that feeling of energy, rather than just what she sees with her eyes. For we all know if you only believe what you see with your eyes you are so easily deceived.


Religion division
Sexism division
Class division
Racism division
Political party division
Geographic division

No division, we are one race we have no sexism, racism, division. We do not need a government to dispatch us, as is evident since no one told the team to go and help those families, and no one ordered me to make a website to get them support. We also have no hatred or war.


As you can see the actions of knowledge speak louder than the words of ever person's false beliefs. Your beliefs that were beaten into you are what continues to fuel the division, and the major reason you are holding yourself back as a species. Our actions show what real human beings are capable of. No matter what people may think in their warped minds, which is waticco, as the Native Americans called it, a virus of the mind, I can keep my head high. At least if my life was over tomorrow, I can say with my feet firmly planted on the ground, “ I was a part of the solution.” Can you make that same statement?

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Crypto Community Assists in Rescue

 While the majority of the Crypto Community has been locked into self absorption and greed, a small percentage have actually taken it on themselves to make a difference to those that was devastated by the hurricanes with more storms to come.

Payu from South Dakota Loaded up a U-Haul truck with food and water and provisions and drove to Florida to aid in the assistance with the rescue operation and assist those families that were in distress.

This blog owner set up a website that would assist in the efforts, and lo and behold the moronic majority were so self absorbed on J.P Morgan Chase,s stupidity and the rise of the value that they could not even see the forest past the trees. Human life is teetering in the balance and they do not care about anything except themselves.

There are a few though, who have taken the calling to aid. This blog and the sister blog will keep you informed of the events. Crypto is the only thing that can offer aid since there is no infrastructure.

With the relief in Florida being almost up to par, Payu and the team are getting ready to head to Puerto Rico where it was devastated by the storms, and they are not alone. Sprint communications are deploying a team to be heading to Puerto Rico in order to re-establish communications with the rest of the world again.

Please support the efforts you can donate Bitcoin right to the boots on ground, OKCASH, MAZACOIN, 1337 COIN, or if you want Digibytes. This operation is mining Digibytes and will shapeshift to the bitcoin address every $50.00 mined

For more information please check out the hurricane relief website:

Are you a part of humanity, or are you just one of those that only care about themselves until it happens to you?


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Anonymous We Want You To See What We See.

Anonymous Global page please remember to patronize. This information is how the world truly is. It shows you how disconnected we have all become. There is still a chance, but it relies solely on we the people of humanity to truly see what is being done. Too many of us have foolishly wasted our lives and with that wasted the precious gifts this planet has given us. I think it is about time we truly open our eyes and become the change we want to see in the world.

Anonymous Are They Serious?

 Anonymous Global page please patronize. This had to be re- shared here to show you how mentally disturbed the Liberals truly are. There are several highly respected Psychologists now studying to show that Liberalism in the actual action is a form of severe mental disorder. I think it is time we look inward to our own conciousness and remember who and what we really are.

Anonymous: Message To World Leaders!

 This is from the Anonymous Global channel. Please patron their page. This information needed to be re-shared. It is a powerful message to world leaders, that they are acting far from what a real human being would act.

Monday, September 4, 2017

SNOPES.COM Spreading Lies

In recent articles has fraudulently lied about information concerning George Soros. They stated that the statement of George Soros funding hate groups to bring down America is false, however, they now look like fools since hacked documents have proven it is true.

Many sites claiming to be truth are moron run sites that have never done one single ounce of actual research. It is apparent that only hacked documents can be the source of truth since no site is going to tell you the facts.

This man has no honor of life and he does not care. His adds posted on Craigslist will show you how wrong SNOPES.COM is. Here are some links for you to see how bad this moron really is





SNOPES.COM should never be believed again. They are now with egg on their faces for being part of the lying, deceptive garbage on the internet

Sunday, August 27, 2017



(But only if we do not take action)


Google has continued a large scale attack on Internet Free speech. This is to prevent the amount of information that needs to come out. This is for them to continue with the plans for AI (Artificial Intelligence) to replace humanity and further destroy our way of life. This assault will also be Crypto currency, because they will need the AI bots to scatter through the internet further invading our privacy.


Many operations are now in effect to hinder and further destroy the name of GOOGLE, which would force them to change their name and render their AI Bots redundant. There is only one problem, we need Humanity to stand up to this.

The main focus is to donate or mine some crypto to a specific coin that is available only in the Coinomi wallet. This wallet is an app that can be downloaded. This will make tracking difficult, since the internal exchange is If coins are donated that use this function it will keep the coins moving and the results intact.

It is up to us to make a stand, without violence, without hate, but with the true desire to be a free and independent individual with our right to prosperity. Now is the time to give for a cause that has the potential to take away not only our freedom, but everything it means to be a real human being.

If you want to take part into this and keep our way of life away from those who clearly do not have our best interest at heart, contact Anonymous Global through their Youtube page, or Twitter page and let us show we are one and will never surrender our LOVE, FREEDOM, or HUMANITY.