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Wednesday, October 17, 2018 is the platform that will not censor truth

Get the facts out there. The will not censor the truth. The left and the FAKE MSM have no power there. Time to get info out

Now is the time to turn off the FAKE MSM, get off of YOU tube, Get off Google, Off of Facebook and get the messages out where the search engines including BING, DUCK DUCK GO and many others will pick them up

Monday, October 15, 2018

Draining The Swamp

We Know that the wheels of justice can be slow, but if all is done in according to the regulations and the law, the outcome will be justice. Judicial Watch has been at the forefront of this corruption for a while, and there is indeed progress going on behind the scenes.

For Example would you even know that Senator Blumenthal is just as guilty with Hilary Clinton? The new documents we obtained also show Hillary Clinton being given speech-making advice by Blumenthal. They reveal a potential conflict of interest between the Clintons. They also contain information about a CIA team killed by al Qaeda:

Below is an excerpt from the Judicial watch update. The link to this reference will be at the end of this article.

  • In a January 24, 2008, email from Clinton aide (and later 2016 presidential campaign manager) Robby Mook to Maggie Williams and Mills regarding staffing of the State Department, Mook describes seven categories of applicants on a spreadsheet, and includes the category “Friends and Family.”
  • A November 6, 2009, email from Hillary Clinton speechwriter Tomicah Tilleman to Sullivan details a memo Blumenthal sent to Secretary Clinton containing suggested material for a planned speech in Berlin. Tilleman wrote: “Due to the need to produce the second Atlantic Council speech, we’re just going to run with Sid’s draft. Megan’s in the process of cleaning it up and cutting it down.”
  • In a December 30, 2009, email exchange, senior adviser Phillippe Reines disclosed to Clinton and Abedin that the seven individuals killed in an al Qaeda attack in Khost, Afghanistan, were in fact CIA personnel. The CIA had been trying to keep this fact secret. Reines wrote: “To the extent it’s currently being reported, they are being identified as DOD personnel, not Agency.” He goes on to say that CIA Director Leon Panetta’s chief of staff, Jeremy Bash, told Reines that “The details are thin and he [Bash] couldn’t get into specifics on an open line, but they believe the contact they met with set them up and was either carrying the explosive or detonated it.”
  • On June 28, 2009, Bill Clinton’s aide Justin Cooper emailedHillary Clinton, with a copy to her household assistant Oscar Flores, edits made by Bill Clinton to a speech Hillary was to give at the Council on Foreign Relations. Cooper blind-copied Cheryl Mills on the email. Mills forwarded it to Sullivan with the warning: “I was BLIND COPIED ON THIS SO DO NOT FORWARD ETC.” Bill Clinton’s involvement raises conflict of interest questions, as he was heading up the Clinton Foundation at the time.
  • In a February 14, 2009, email exchange, Sullivan apologized to Hillary that it took so long for him to respond to some of her emails, saying in his subject line “Again apologies — not sure why these emails just arrived.” Secretary Clinton had sent her last message to Sullivan at 2:26 p.m. that day, and Sullivan replied at 8:09 p.m., suggesting the email was down for six hours. Hillary replies: “Thanks for both responses. Huma told me State email was down so that may account for the delays.”
  • In a March 21, 2009 email to Sullivan and aide Jack Lew, Secretary Clinton noted that under the Obama Fiscal Year 2010 proposed budget, with projected deficits of $1 trillion per year and 5-6% GDP, the United States “wouldn’t be able to join the EU.”

Judicial Watch, Unlike the Fake Media of Snopes, CNN, ABC, and others are actually getting facts and court cases won to provide the watchdog that one has to do with the GOVERNMENT. Draining the swamp is a tedious process, but it is one process that we will all be grateful that was done so they do not destroy our country, our people, and our way of life.


Saturday, October 13, 2018

California Law Enforcement needs A Revamp

It is a foregone conclusion that there is abuse of power with the Public Servants in California. Most of those committing these crimes feel they are above the law and protected due to their position. This is not true. They are to be held accountable to the people and soon there will be many high profile arrests in California, including but not limited to; Judges, Attorneys, CEO’s, Police Officers, Actors, Managers, and more. This should come as no surprise to you since they have been abusing their power for a while. Now Karma comes for them all.

With first hand knowledge on how certain Law Enforcement Officers, Judges, Attorneys, and District Attorneys are using their position, either because they feel they cannot be fired, or they think they can get away with it, are violating Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties. This is not a new revelation. In an article published on may 2017 you can see the following:

“Law enforcement agencies in California set new records in 2016 for the misuse of statewide records databases despite lax reporting requirements for database abuse cases and little independent investigative oversight of such privacy violations.
New data on official misuse of the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (CLETS) –  which gives policing agencies access to a variety of statewide and federal records – show that 2016 was a banner year for police discipline associated with CLETS abuse, according to an analysis by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).
A total of 159 investigations of CLETS misuse occurred in 2016, a 14.5 percent increase from 2015 and a 50 percent jump from 2011. Of the 2016 total, 117 investigations ended in conclusions that police had abused the system. Nearly 40 more cases were listed as pending without final conclusion.”

There are more disturbing allegations of Police Officers asking for “oral sex” from women to get out of a traffic ticket. In an article by Fox News Published on February 18, 2016, “While one Los Angeles police officer acted as a lookout in the front seat of a departmental car, a 19-year-old woman working as a drug informant was forced to perform oral sex on his partner in the back seat after being told, "You have to do what the police tell you to do," the teenager said in a federal court filing.

Reference: 2 Los Angeles police officers charged with raping women on duty

Another Article cites “Police misconduct encompasses illegal or unethical actions or the violation of individuals’ constitutional rights by police officers in the conduct of their duties. Examples of police misconduct include police brutality, dishonesty, fraud, coercion, torture to force confessions, abuse of authority, and sexual assault, including the demand for sexual favors in exchange for leniency. Any of these actions can increase the likelihood of a wrongful conviction.”

Reference: Police Misconduct

In conclusion, The Public Servants, as they are suppose to be, are to serve the American people with trust and confidence. It is difficult to trust any of these public servants when their credibility, dignity, and integrity have been seriously compromised. It is time for Judicial Watch to investigate all and ensure the public trust , as well as the protection of the American People’s rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution. Time for a revamp of the California Justice System to safegaurd the public trust.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Entire State of California has been infested with Communism rule.

By now it is clear that Senator Diane Fienstein has sold out California to communism china. Many computer boards imported to the United States had malicious hardware designed to track data. This is Treason to the United States, and Punishable by Death. Maxine Waters is also guilty of being a major contributor to the rouge criminal element, this is how she is funded.

                                        Diane Fiensteins car Notice plate.

    Many Court Systems in California have disregarded Millions of citizens right to due process, the right to protection under the Constitution, and the right to preserve civil rights. All courts including,  BUT NOT LIMITED TO, Pomona Court, Los Angeles Superior, Pomona Superior, San Fransisco, San Diego, and much more. The police have been investigated to make false allegations, and with no evidence Millions were wrongfully convicted. This article is an urgent demand to investigate all cases spanning back 30 years. All judges, District Attorneys, Police Officer, Police Chiefs, any official in office that has colluded with this communism process must be treated as enemy combatants and routed out.

    “We the People are the true masters of congress and the courts.” -Abraham Lincoln

Pomona Parole system as well as the courts are also violating their own state constitution.
Article 1, Section 3, is hereby amended to read as follows:
The people have the right to instruct their representatives, petition government for redress of grievances, and peaceably assemble, without penalty therefor.
(a) No person shall be denied the right to prosecute any petition in any court on its merits, and in particular, on the basis of prior petitions or his performance in pursuing such.
(b) No person shall be denied the right to prosecute a claim against any official or office of government on the basis of any practice or doctrine, such as "sovereign immunity". Only the people are sovereign and immune, when met in convention, referendum, or election, and not public officials, agents, or assets.
(c) Any person shall have standing in any court, either in a separate action or in part of another proceeding, for declaratory or injunctive relief, or both, from any statute, regulation, administrative order, repeal, or other official act on the grounds that it is unconstitutional, unlawful, or inapplicable, without having to first become a defendant under such act, and without a presumption that such act is lawful or applicable.

They purposely deny falsely convicted individuals to live with friends and even have them become homeless, which is a violation of every civil right law. WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TRUE MASTERS OF THIS SYSTEM AND DEMAND ALL POLICE AND ANY OFFICIAL VIOLATING THESE LAWS TO BE ROUTED OUT AND CONVICTED.

    This is the reason we must have constitutional law preserved to prevent criminal elements from ever obtaining any office to ensure our freedoms and rights are always preserved.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


We need to listen to this Anonymous message. This spells out what is happening. TREASON can wind you up in a military prison. Maybe we should actually take  a step back and trust only ourselves to ensure what we are doing is right. We must get back to human basics. #BETHECHANGE

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Chuck Schumer-PEDOPHILA, DEEP STATE, Criminal

What can I say but now we have a few sources of this Pedophilia advocate. This individual is an actual Democratic Senator of New York, why am I not surprised. The Deep State territory of the idiotic morons. Maybe for all these pedophilia politicians NY should me Not Yours.

These sick, stupid people are just prolonging the inevitable as they become arrested in a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. They no longer have a voice, no one listens to Hollywood or the Main Stream Fake Media, No one cares what they say, in fact 157,000 democratic voters have walked away from their idiotic party #walkaway

Want some references to give you confirmation on this criminal, great let us dive into evidence, unlike ALL THE HOLLYWOOD AND DEMOCRATIC MORONS

"Who knew that Chuck Schumer has a thing for giving the hook up to sexual predators. 
Maybe there's some Piazza-gate history in Charlie's background?"
This article is old, and everyone following the REAL NEWS knows why this was set back til this year, Mid Term Elections,  Here is another article

Looks like MSM lied about Pizzagate, OMFG no surprises here. Glad we are all intelligent to throw away everything they tell us. 

The best thing you can teach your children is to ignore all Hollywood Actors and Actresses, Do not listen to anyone, and tell them to always research for themselves so they can use knowledge to roast all morons on target.

Connectucut Democratic Senator LIED about VIETNAM SERVICE. How can we even believe him now.

The fact that Hollywood is over ran by Satanic cults and pedophilia actors and managers, Our Government has a group of liars. Those Liars that can never be believed is the Democratic Criminal Socialists. Let us get into another hypocrite, that Hypocrite is the Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal. This man lied about his entire Vietnam service to gain votes. He was never in that position, in fact he deferred many times.

This person is another deep state person that is destroying our Constitution as well as just trying to cover up the entire world wide pedophilia ring. I will leave you links on this liar of his service, (which if he says one lie he has lost all credibility with us vets)

If Connecticut People do not vote this moron out then it shows they are clearly brain dead.

DEM lied about Vietnam

Investigation of world wide Pedophilia ring that Hollywood actors, politicians, and many company and organization high people are involved in to keep their status

Proof YOUR DEMONRATS are satanic PEDOPHILIA criminals

Story of a survivor of occult sexual abuse

I am ashamed that Hollywood actors, and many people are so ignorant, uneducated, and have no real brain in their heads. But it is ok. Kavanaugh WILL BE ON THE BENCH THEN JUSTICE IN MILITARY TRIBUNALS FOR EVERYONE THAT ATTEMPTED TO COMMIT TREASON BY UNDERMINING THE US CONSTITUTIONAL APPOINTMENT OF THIS CANDIDATE

JUSTICE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!