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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Metal Gear Solid Game- FREE

Metal Gear Solid Game- FREE NO SURVEY

   I used to play this game for hours, and my brother played it for days. This is the best game I played in that time. It is a classic game and the characters are believable. The missions are difficult and the action is non stop. This game is one of my favorites. Now it is free and able to be downloaded FREE.

    The game.

Yes you heard me. FREE. Why would stores now go through the third party payment processors with instant download links that are not working frustrated customers.. NO we don't do that we let our sponsors pay for you to have the game free. 2 minutes follow the instructions and Wolla the game is free and yours instantly downloaded to your computer.

Background The nuclear weapons disposal facility on Shadow Moses Island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago is attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces led by members of FOXHOUND.

The terrorists have got their hands on hundreds of nuclear warheads and they're demanding that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss. They warn that if their demands are not met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon.

Take on the role of retired Special Forces veteran Solid Snake as he is called back into duty in a top-secret mission to deal with the greatest terrorist threat the world has ever seen.

Your mission is to infiltrate the base, rescue the hostages and kill the terrorists carrying nothing but a pair of binoculars, a pack of smokes and a bad attitude. The clock is ticking.

Once again, Snake heads into battle...alone.
Gameplay Infiltrate enemy territory, avoid battles, and avoid being seen. Use the weapons you find to your advantage to complete your mission. You can use a disguise to fool your enemies and you must use the weapons at your disposal to defeat the bosses as you gradually get closer and closer to finding and destroying Metal Gear. Only then will your mission be complete.

  • Atmospheric soundtrack and cinematic
  • Complex and exciting story.
  • Fully interactive surroundings and intelligent enemies - a game where anything can happen.
  • Stunning presentation and a wealth of game modes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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