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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Proper Security

Proper Security

By: M. R. Fluet

Security is one of the most highly needed fields in our world today. What most people do not realize is on private property Security has more authority than the police. If you do not know this it is because you were not a police officer and not trained in jurisdiction.

All businesses are classified as private property opened to the public. What you have to understand is that there are codes of conduct as well as constitutional laws, but there is also something most people take for granite. Have you ever went to a nice hotel and check in. After the payment they hand you a paper you are to read and sign. These are rules of that specific property with the consequences. No matter what you say, you have agreed to it by signing your name. This is a catch 22 if you do not sign you do not stay.

Before you think anything, you must do what most people fail to do, put yourself in the owners spot. You own this nice hotel and everything in there you paid for, you want to protect your people and your assets. This is the true role of security.

You also must remember this, according to the letter of the law anything that happens on your property is your responsibility, from guests falling to getting robbed. Now they can say we are not liable for damages, but the fact remains all companies are liable for handling the response to these incidents and only properly trained and professional security can make that happen.

Security Professionals have to be trained constantly. The use of Force, The private Property itself, the Laws and regulations of the state they live. All Security personnel must be trained on first aid and CPR, this is primarily due to what was said earlier, the guests and employees are your sole responsibility. This means anything that happens you can be held civilly liable. This is why what you do how you handle a particular incident matters.

A well trained and informed security department is the key to limiting and preventing liability. A well trained security department is also the key to protecting all your assets and prevent loss. How this happens is a Security Department that constantly trains it's personnel, and keeps them informed either via blotters, recaps, or any other way to communicate though the department. This way all personnel know what the happenings are and they are trained to handle it.

Proper security will be highly trained and highly visible, unless the situation warrants different for undercover officers. Whatever company takes security for granite that is the company that is doomed to fail.

A Security Department must be trained in the use of force, and a properly trained department is armed. First rule of reality, how do you protect others if you cannot protect yourself. Many unarmed officers were killed due to the fact the crooked insurance companies were backwards. The armed officers actually have less incidents, usually 0 involve shooting.

I know first hand. I was the State Certified field Training Officer of the Sahara Hotel and Casino. All Officers were armed and in 6 years not one weapon was fired. The reality is when a person who is looking to commit a crime sees that the security is armed they leave and tend to go rob an unarmed place. Companies that have unarmed are increasing the risk. Today the rise of violent crimes increase due to the lack of jobs that are there. When this happens companies become the victim. This is how unarmed officers get hurt because their companies lack the training to keep a well trained department to actually do the job.

A Security Department needs to have report generating abilities, Radios, Officers and their perspective chain of command. The Chain of command is as essential as the communication. Security is more important now in the 21st century than it has ever been before.

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