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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Business News

In a Letter Dated September 1st, 2012. Mark Fluet has decided to retire FESHOPWORLD. It was decided to let it die because it was not making as much as the other 15 sites. This is a fact that there was no American pride. AMERICANS WOULD ONLY BUY FROM COMPANIES THAT WANT TO SUPPORT AMERICA.

Here is the Letter

September 10, 2012

To: All

From: Owner Fluet Enterprises


I am sorry I am writing you with Bad news today but as of this day FESHOPWORLD.COM will be taken down. the outside store outlets will remain active till 01 October 2012.

It is with heartfelt sympathy I write this but since the patronage online has decreased, the money for sales have gone down. Like any other business in the world I have to cut the losses.

Some of you were aware of the secret that Fluet Enterprises is taking over That is a true statement. We bought the rights and own the site.

This will mean jobs but not till the end of October. Megagameportal will be used for the first few weeks to sell affiliate products. We are in the process of making digital downloaded programs of old games that never should have gone off the market.

As we speak the original super Nintendo games, Sega CD games, and Nintendo games are being fed into a reader in order to program a java script to play the games and install them.

We are in the process of also coming up with a new game of our own that we are programming from scratch and that was on the hush hush. We do not want that out till all the pieces are in place.

I know it is hard but I am telling you I intend to rehire each and every one of you under the Megagameportal logo. I believe in creating jobs so the economy runs because i believe it is up to us and no one else.

Thank you for all your support,

Mark Fluet
owner of Fluet Enterprises

We know that there is a new Space Attack Game that was programmed by Megagameportal and is coming out in November. the Proof is there.

But there is one thing more Mark Fluet has the real credentials of an investigator and he knows more about what is going on than most. Mark will be using his services on another way and the company will go to his step son

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