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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

MEGAGAMEPORTAL.COM is a great site where you can get classic games at the most affordable prices. The reason came to be was the number of people emailing the owner and telling them they found free games online and when they tried to play the games, they either didn't work, or worse, there was key-loggers, Trojans, viruses and people had their bank accounts drained.

   We all feel that our entertainment is to be pirate free. When we buy the games we can instantly download them and play right away. that is one of the good benefits. The second one is they all come from the owner's private collection of over 1000 games.

   Each game works and is from a game CD so there are no Trojans, Key-loggers, or viruses that will destroy your computer. These are all classic games, and the best part is you never have to wait for shipping, after processing the game is instantly downloaded to your computer.

    It is time to play games without the worry of someone getting your bank account or personal identification. If you want security there is only 1 site to get the best games

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