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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jack The Ripper PC Game

       What can be said? This game is a must have, oh unless your the cowardly type. I mean after all we are talking about a horror game called Jack the Ripper. This Game takes place in New York in 1901.

        What can be said. This game is a great story of a journalist that is in the hunt for the notorious “Jack he Ripper”.
While writing a series of articles about horrible murders in the Low Side District of New York, the young reporter, Jimmy Palmer, will soon become involved in a game of cat and mouse with an illusive and deadly character–Jack the Ripper. Along Palmer’s dark journey he will foster a friendship with a young singer, Abigail, the “Irish Nightingale,” and meet numerous other colorful characters of this poor district.

Beginning with the search of witnesses to the crimes, Palmer’s snooping will soon lead him to investigate suspects. His daily editorials trigger the interest of the serial killer himself, who begins to correspond with Palmer via the newspaper, leading Palmer to surmise that this killer is the infamous Jack the Ripper!


A thrilling experience with realistic and unforgettable characters and a compelling storyline
Virtools Engine allows for special effects and rich, beautiful, and detailed graphics with a user-friendly interface
A mass-appeal theme based on true historical events
Exploration, inventory-based gameplay, suspenseful storyline
Numerous puzzles of varying complexity–environmental, tactile, auditory.

Do not take my word for it, if you think you are brave enough go to  and get the game.

Play it if you dare

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