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Thursday, October 18, 2012


We still never forget the victims of this Racketeer. Charles Adam Johnson is the parasite of the world. Here is the actual completed report sent to the IRS, THE FBI, The Senator, The Governor, The FTC(federal trade Commission) This racketeer needs to be caught he is no better than all the liars that say false things on the internet they are all parasites of the system and need to be brought to justice. The Government is ultimate responsible through vicarious liability. MAKE THE GOVERNMENT PAY YOU IF YOU ARE A VICTIM AND MAKE THEM APPREHEND CHARLES JOHNSON OR MAKE THEM ALL RESIGN FOR INCOMPETANTCE.


Johnson, Charles Adam

World Technology Corporation

Name: Johnson, Charles Adam

Crime: Racketeering.


Charles Adam Johnson is a narcissistic individual that believes he can not be touched by any Law Enforcement Agency. He has continued an ongoing scam of racketeering by being paid large sums of money from Dell corporation to repair computers under warranty. He constantly hires individual to drive to various locations some places can be up to 200 miles away from their residence. The people that he hires are to wake up at 8:00 am and sign into a ticket system where the calls for service are. Make contact with those customers and arrange an estimated time of arrival. Upon completion they are to close out the ticket and return the parts that are bad to a specified drop off point and enter the part return number. In most cases that was observed by myself parts were missing and they were never recovered. i observed parts that were never ordered and the customers were not serviced in a timely manner.

When it came time for payment paychecks never arrived at their locations and people went without payment for their time or service. The Labor boards were contacted and there was nothing done about this individual.

Due to the specifics that the individuals were never compensated the wear and tear on their vehicle was not redeemed. The IRS did not act in a professional way to make sure the money owed to individuals were paid and if they can not do this they need to be defunct, for they serve no protective purposes.

Actual comments of victims follow:

Reported By: Mike — Beckley West Virginia United States of America

I previously worked for World Technology Corporation. Now they owe me $2270.00 and are refusing to pay me! I gave an 18 day notice to cover my 2 week notice and only worked with them for 65 days. After stating another job I still had access to my que with WWTS and saw that they had not replaced me with another tech, so I emailed them and they said they could use any help that I could offer so I worked 5 more days for them including a weekend so they would not lose the territory.
I emailed them the following Monday and let them know that I could no longer help as I had to much on my plate. Since I still had parts that I picked up and could not complete the orders for I emailed them requesting input as what to do with their packages. As I seldom had luck getting replies while I worked for them I gave them a deadline to respond before I returned the parts back to Dell. Everything seemed fine until payday came and no check came.
I contacted Alafia Young and was told that since there were so many parts that had not been returned yet, that I would not get my paycheck until they cleared. This was after the usual 3 week hold on paycheck to make sure parts were cleared in which the paycheck that it would have been for had already passed and cleared the usual hold. She then told me that since the parts would cost them more that my check was that they would have to hold it.
After another 5 days passed I was not getting responses to my emails or voicemails again so I contacted World Wide Tech Services and let them know that WTC was not paying me and that they were still using my que even though I was no longer with them. The que is where every day we get our work orders from to do the Dell repairs. You do not get a que until your background check and drug test has cleared. We me and another tech was hired, Charles Johnson and Alafia Young had us using a former employee's from Texas que. Which I know Dell and WWTS will soon find out when I contact them on Tuesday after the Memorial Day break.
When WWTS sent Charles notification of the email I sent, he started what seems to be his usual behavior as I have seen on here. Charles called me on Wednesday to let me know that apparently the "board" has decided to make an example of me and have decided to file a "breach of contract" lawsuit against me in his usual $50,000.00 amount. It appears that this "board" is most likely composed of himself and Alafia Young as from a previous suspension of a tech fired with me was to have a conference call with this board and it never happened and his 2 week suspension was dropped after one day.
During this suspension I was told that I would be paid triple to cover since most of the calls had been placed into escalation and needed to be worked immediately. I worked over 16 hours on that day traveling 419 miles and when that paycheck came in I was told that Charles denied having said that he would pay me triple. Later he stated that they only get paid $42 a call and could not pay me the $105 (3 times $35) that he promised. Funny how a company can make $7 a call over what they call me and still stay in business. I luckily had a copy of the voicemail that he had left me on April 10th in which I sent to both Charles and Alafia and yet nothing was said or done about it.
I was also told on Wednesday that supposedly Alafia was on her way to UPS (funny when they use FedEx) to send out my payroll when she was notified of my email from WWTS. So Charles tells me that since I am claiming that I have not been paid for my work, that he will be submitting my paycheck as evidence in my breach of contract lawsuit. Funny how he can prove he has been paying me by not paying me? I have contacted a few lawyers as to my rights in this and they find that his "contract" that I breached is too vague and incomplete to be upheld in court. Here is what it states, "IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned has caused this Promissory Note to be duly executed as of the date first written below. I’ve read and understand this 90 day probationary independent contract agreement! Also I agree to provide a 2 weeks’ notice if I separate from the company. Not providing a 2 weeks’ notice could cause a delay in your final paycheck"
I was also told that the Labor Board here in WV should deem me as an employee due to the restrictions the company has on my work even though they are claiming I am an independent contractor which in turn helps me out as it allows me 3x the amount as liquidated damages.
I gave Charles 1 last chance to send me my paycheck today and he replied, "Just landed, I still don’t have any word for you, but you do what you have to. Have a good weekend. Please no more emails I have to let the attorneys deal with this, they will contact you." These so called attorneys were supposed to contact me on Wednesday and still haven't. Also when I asked for a last name and phone nu,ber to contact their attorney "Scott" I was not given anything. I will keep this updated as this evolves as I see this has happened to many others while he was under the company name of GTI Support.
If you check out you will see that this company (A Helen Marie Johnson Company... funny, same last name) had purchased GTI and then this year purchased WTC. Do you also smell something fishy? Also if you check the Better Business Bureau website, you will see that they claimed to be a BBB accredited business and on April 15th, 2010; were told to remove it as they are not.
Oh, I almost forgot. Until here recently, Charles always had a signature with a New York address (same as on in which I mailed my 2 week notice to and it was returned to sender - check address on it. The website doamin is also registered to a Tad Amore with Charles' email address. I think this guy needs to have civil and criminal charges brought upon him!

Reported By: Jeff — Wakefield Massachusetts United States of America

     Technician Deployment
    charles Johnson        ()
    45 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York   NY,10003  US
    Tel. +1.2129742020    
 Creation Date: 12-Mar-2012 
 Expiration Date: 12-Mar-2013 
 Domain servers in listed order:
 Administrative Contact:          
     Technician Deployment
    charles Johnson        ()
    45 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York NY,10003  US
    Tel. +1.2129742020
 Technical Contact:               
     Technician Deployment
    charles Johnson        ()
    45 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York  NY,10003  US
    Tel. +1.2129742020     
 Billing Contact:                 
     Technician Deployment
    charles Johnson        ()
    45 Rockefeller Plaza  New York  NY,10003 US
    Tel. +1.2129742020       
Charles steals from companies and consultants and NEVER pays. I have yet to be paid $4,500 in consulting services, travel charges and parking fees from his previous companies TSW Worldwide and others....

BE Weary! Keep your valuable time & efforts to local providers you can trust!!!!

Reported By: David — Lakewood Colorado United States of America

I worked for Charles Johnson at WTC now "TSW" for over a year on and off. I ran Dell computer calls in Eastern, CO driving over 500 miles most of the time, in one day. I ran Vizio TV calls and ran calls at WholeFoods in Boulder, CO as well. I am owed over a thousand dollars and have not received any compensation for any of the WholeFoods calls in over a year. When I first started doing the Dell calls out east it was like pulling teeth to get my checks.

I finally received them after a few months and against my better judgement I took CJ up on his offer running Vizio and WholeFood calls shortly after receiving my checks from the Dell calls. I did receive payment for the Vizio call but never after that for the WholeFood calls and a few Dell calls.

I have been contacting him for over a year now and I either get no reply for months or sometimes miraculously get a response which is followed by we will get you taken care of in the next hour or two. Then nothing for another few months. I don't really need the money now but I sure did then because I paid for all the gas running these calls in a LandRover and can say I am out at least $500 just in fuel.

It's principal. I have evened told him on several occasions that I would settle for $500 just to cover what I paid in fuel and would forget the rest. Still nothing. I have given this man more chances to pay up and he has never come through. I worked so many long hours for this guy and always gave a 110% I even fixed his Expedition a few times, luckily I was paid. If you are reading this and are wondering if you should work for him, DONT!

He may pay you a couple bucks and say the rest is on its way but he will say anything to keep you running calls for him until he finds a replacement. You will not receive your money. I thought this job was on the up and up and could have done a lot for him but he chose to screw me and countless others it seems. Don't let this happen to you. Find another job and don't give it the benefit of the doubt, I did and I am out several hundred dollars not including time and wear and tear on my vehicle.

In case anyone wants to contact him his new cell phone number is 303.563.9636
He drives a Blue 1999 Ford Expedition and resides at **** Aurora, CO

Reported by: Mark Fluet Wytheville, VA

Mr. Charles Johnson is quite the liar. Already someone is posting that I am a fake..But I never said I worked for the FBI..I said I was a prior Federal Law Enforcement Officer of the United States Coast Guard..Which is provable through a DD214 which is on file. Second All my websites are 100 % legitimate.Oh since I am employed I really do not have a lot of time such as Charles Johnson to wake up every night and look at what people are complaining and writing about him as he angrily has to file a rebuttal to save his reputation that really is not saveable.

As I have stated in a blog I have investigated Mr Charles Johnson and it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that his license has been delinquent which means he s operating a business without a license. This information is public records to protect the consumers against fraudulent businesses.

Many people have communicated to me about the tactics of Mr. Charles Johnson and they have all been investigated and they have been proven true.

By the way..No matter what Charles Johnson says, If he was as legitimate as he claims..Why on earth would he change the name of his company as many times as he does..Does Microsoft change their names?..Does Mattel? No only a fraudulent liar who has intentions of being a criminal..As for employees that say they have no problems..Hmm it is not true..There are many from Arkansas to New York all the way to Charles Johnson 's Home town in Colorado stating the same criminal tactics.. Charles Johnson is a crook and I will also be calling the FBI Monday to ensure a quick and timely end to him.. Yes I do know the law..And I will not inform you all until I have Mr. Charles Johnson in Handcuffs for Racketeering Charges..

As far as sites you all can see my sites are all merchant identified, and all legitimate including the publishers at Authorhouse could also testify to the legitimacy of my sites unlike MR. Charles Johnson who has to change the name of his company every 3 months mine stays the same for 10 years and counting.

And let me now close this if one company has even 25 employees out of 100 complaining then the only logical conclusion is that there is something wrong because 25% of the employees have complained..In this case..I have the emails to prove this, there are over 75 people complaining since 2009.. sorry that is too many people they are right and WTC Charles Johnson is wrong.

I have seen the Colorado business and it clearly shows Charles Johnson is Delinquent that means NO LICENSE he has not paid his taxes..Ooh that spells legitimate to me.. Yea Any way..

All people know he is just targeting me because he thinks he can Intimidate me..HE CAN NOT.. I am a prior Federal Law Enforcement Officer from the US Coast Guard and that fat head can not and will not ever intimidate me. He is a fraudster, a crook, and a liar.. I am right and so are the other 75 no one is paid no one do not lie Charles you only listed 4 people on your employees so that means NO ONE IS PAID period.

Any way go to my blog communicate with me we will arrest him thank you rip off report for allowing the people to speak out against this liar who tries to intimidate people by writing ripoff reports on them which can never work because all that know me know that I am right and i am 100 % above reproach.


In conclusion, there is no need to keep getting the hundreds of reports. This is the same pattern, or Method of Operation that Charles Adam Johnson uses. He continues to employ people to work and takes advantage of people. These people Must be paid and will be paid. The US Government is responsible through vicarious liability., The representative of each state that this happened to must make amends to the victims under the fair labor law. The Labor Board is powerless due to the crossing of state lines. This is a Federal Case and it is far time that the Federal Government DOES it's responsibility to The victims, including myself.

There is no excuse that can be offered I am a veteran of the country for 10 years and this will be done. Otherwise the entire Government needs to reside because they cannot perform their job.

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