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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


At the end of this article will be a message for our president. So let us speak of Action Speaks Louder than words. Recently within the last days Alex jones has made a statement that he was banned and needed funding to continue. OK let us look at action Anonymous the idea has many outlets. Think of a car. The car cannot run on the fuel system alone, it needs the oil system, the cooling system as well. Each system does it own specific job and as a whole it makes a well oiled machine.

Anonymous has hackers, hactivists, teachers, and many others that do their own individual job. Now Anonymous hacked the Builderberg site leaving them a message that they have 365 days to change or else the people that handle their technology has access to them. As you can clearly see this is action. Protesting is fine, but it really does not accomplish anything. With Crypto-currency we have no need to rely on the Globalist education of getting sponsors like an idiot, we merely make our own funding to do good work.

So on the subject of action speaks louder than words, Anonymous the idea actually took an action, instead of just getting facts and throwing out for you to do the action.

Now as promised here is the message to the President.

Since Action speaks louder than words we are calling on you to continue your promises, but you have to understand 2 things.

  1. We the people are the owners the Government is the Representatives of the people and we own it. Therefore Edward Snowden did what any good employee would do by letting US the owners know what criminal acts our employees were doing. That is fact. You better consider that because there can be no secrets. Think about this, if you owned A trump casino and had to go to another state to build another one, and your CEO was embezzling and the directors were keeping that secret from you, how would you feel. Now an employee writes to you with facts that clearly show your CEO is stealing from you with directors you hired keeping it a secret, would you fire the employee looking out for you? OF COURSE NOT so this is no different.
  2. Here is the second and final one. It is clearly known that there are several CFR members still employed as staff You must get rid of all of them no matter what their position. Think about it in this light, You own Trump casino again and several employees come to work to sell their AVON merchandise and their work is lacking. Is this not a conflict of interest? Would these employees be exempt from being terminated? We both know the answer to that.

 We want the promises kept and you can not do that if you have people undermining your efforts Get rid of them. The ball is in your court now. I urge you not to fall because if you do all the people have worked for to fight for you will be in vain. Get rid of the traitors. This is your decision. I merely state truth and facts. You are a business man, You know the above situations because at one point you may have experienced one or both.

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