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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A proposal

We are supposed to be a people United. We are supposed to be a world United. What example does it set for Morons to go for a bill, Idea, Agenda, or any other type of ideology just because it comes from your party, namely the Democrats or Independent, or any other.

Here is a proposal to all Real Normal Americans that do not side with Democrats, Do not side with any other party, instead of a party vote for the person who will truly represent us in any office. Here it goes.

We need to pass a law that will destroy and get rid of all political parties. Political Parties do nothing except continue to divide the nation and distract from what the truth and real issues are. Now that Bitcoin and All other Crypto currencies are also working to help take our nation back, we need to have one banner, The United States People's Party.

We Own the party, there is no more division, and what is more important now all people voting will have to vote for the person based on their ability to do the job, and the issues at hand because division is only for the people trying to dissect and control our nation. The fact is after the 100 Day Trump address to the Congress, it clearly showed ALL NORMAL AMERICANS WILL NEVER AGREE WITH THE CROOKED DEMOCRATS FOR THEIR OWN AGENDAS TO MAKE THEM MONEY.

With that being said to do this would only have people that will be nominated for their ability to do the job and Nit Wits will not vote for people they do not truly know just for the fact that they are Democrat or Republic.

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