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Sunday, November 13, 2016


 The entire nation was in a real delima this election. The Hilary Supporters had no clue they were supporting a real criminal. Thew proof will be outlined at the end of this article. They say birds of a feather flock together, well it would appear by action that is true. The Hilary supporters that are in the news are displaying the same tactics as the criminal Hilary.

This has nothing to do with gender. First of all there is a difference between a female and a woman. only 1%of the female population are real women. Likewise only 1% of the male population are real men. So with that being said Hilary Clinton is NOT a woman, she is a female. Her actions of criminal charges should have been the very reason NO ONE Should have voted for her. But since the uneducated puplic, that would tell you they are educated with no evidence to support that, did not bring the summery of the charges, the countless lies that Hilary testified before congress, then it is clear that these people are only looking at the gender of a person and not if that person can do the job.

Donald Trump is a Business man, unlike criminal politicians, Businessmen get things done. A businessman can negotiate deals, they do it everyday, where politicians waste tax dollars and get nothing done except for delusional scopes.

I dont care about who is elected I only care about one thing, Can this person actually do the job?

Proof Hilary is a criminal References

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