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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Open the Eyes and One may see

There is no secret about what the globalists are doing. There is no secret of what lies have been told to the People of the World. There is no secret of what truly is going on...The true question is..What can We do?

For starters we already are. It is not smart to follow one person, what is smart is to find out the truth and get it out to others. Each person no matter what race, no matter what country, all have the same enemy. I did this story back in 2014

It shows that the AIDS Virus was manufactured. It shows what they were capable of. It does not help to just get mad and cause riots. What is need is to organize as a collective and get the truth out. We as a collective have more power that any one individual. What we have to do is do our part, and that may mean doing a different approach.

Many People have actually accused BITCOIN of being a scam. Those people are wrong, and what should be on your mind is are they really trying to help or is there something they are hiding. The truth is the most powerful sword that can topple Dictators in a single stroke but it needs all of us.

In the response to Bitcoin, J.P. Morgan and his highest level C.E.O said back in November of 2015, “Bitcoin will be stopped and there will be Government crackdown.” That statement did not come true because we the people have made a conscious decision to not only use this currency which is paying our bills and it is fun, but the decision was made to BYPASS all areas of a warped control system and fight the powers that be. This currency should be praised because it is literally destroying them. And Despite all their Lies and crap, Bitcoin is not only still going, but it is thriving.

The two people from Facebook was having a press release that Bitcoin was going to be on the ETF. I figured it would be shot down, because NO ONE OWNS THE BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY. This is why it is decentralized and cannot be regulated or cracked down on. We can ignore the regulation because the idiots passing it do not own it, they have no power no matter what their position. So here we are at a cross roads where MARCH 15, 2017 is around the corner and their real assets to try to block Bitcoin are almost NIL. They have spent big dollars in Vaccines, Hilary Campaign, and many other Anti-Trump Campaigns which is costing them millions and failing.

The powers to be are so fearful of all Cryptocurrencies, for the very Reason that they will not be able to fully destroy the economy. Let Me Give you an Example, Alex Jones Owns 100 Media Stations and 15 Stores. The U.S. Dollar Crashes and is Worthless. No Problem, Alex Jones Can get B.T.M Machines and can fill them with a paper Currency such as Alex Bills. Ok now you send Bitcoin to Alex he gives you as much Alex Bills equal to the Amount of Bitcoin you sent to him. You can use those Bills in any of Alex Jones Stores. Remember they are only good in any of his stores. Alex Bills will not be able to be used anywhere else. Alex Jones can take the Bitcoin and send it directly to a Bitcoin Debit Card, there payment received, you have paper currency to spend at his place only, and nothing is centralized or controlled.

You have to stop thinking as the problem being only able to be solved by Donald Trump. Each Individual person is encouraged to bypass the system and use cryptocurrency that Mining Hardware generates by math, and start fully understanding this currency so that you can not become a victim when the elites prevent any more money to be circulated by the cap made by Obama and his co-hart

Remember Logic indicates to take steps to make a difference, get the truth out, and live by an alternative example.

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