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Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Truth about Project Blue Beam


                               Project Blue Beam

The United States Government under the control of the dark ones have a classified project known as Blue Beam. This should be no surprise since the Black Box Secret Projects get many names, and never have any trouble being funded no matter how poorly the rest of the country is doing. But does the actual project exist?

This was the dis information campaign launched by the intelligence agency. This would allow the simple minded to be brainwashed. There are several facts that Holographic technology does exist.

Some links to check out supporting this:

There are more sources you can find that are all public knowledge at this point in time. So why am I bringing this information to light. First we have to understand that we are divine beings and there is no GOD that would really save us. This does not mean that we do not have assistance. The fact that we are created from that divine source is what is important. How we evolve from here is the most important.

I do not put anything past our deceptive Governments, and I will not trust them with anything. If the Main Stream media and the government say something does not exist it just might exist. They are deceivers and liars and cannot and should not ever be trusted.

The actual Project was never called Blue Beam, In fact there was no name for it. The actual project, or Agenda was nothing more than the entire control of the world Governments and currency with themselves the elites in charge. They will lie and deceive in order to do this under the cover of false allegations and ridicule anyone that speaks the truth.

          1. Blue Beam may exist in a fashion

The reason I say this is we are forced to swallow the unbelievable events of 9-11 being a real plane that hit the twin towers. Now all we would have to do is look into history and use physics as a point of origin.

In 1945 a B-25 bomber crashes into the empire state building, the empire state building never pancaked and there is still more. Note the damage to the building, that was not present in the September 11th alleged attacks. The damage was made by a plane where you can see clearly the wing marks.

Another note you may wish to add is that Gravity, kinetic energy and physics all must come into place. In other words for the lame that means what goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out. Gravity played a key role in the part I am about to show you being on the street, Kinetic energy played the role in what separated it as a whole from the damaged plane. Look at the picture and you will see some significance difference from the September 11th event.

      1. Holographic Technology May have been used.

The understanding that holographic technology may have been used is supported through the truth that math is the universal language. When all of the variables are in place the sum is correct.

Let us look into this a bit just for the idiots that could not pass basic math. The equation a plane hit the world trade center

P=plane I=Impact D=debris E=evidence V=Velocity and G=gravity

So the equation would look like this

P X I +G X V-D=E ( Plane multiplied by the Impact added to the gravitational force times velocity would throw out debris therefore giving you evidence) This is how 9-11 equation is to this day

P +G X V=I-D-E We have no debris from plane and no evidence from an impact leaving no traceable evidence. The equation is not complete therefore we have no real sum.

Many pictures show an unnatural image as the alleged plane enters the tower. This is not a normal reaction based on the real physics we know.

You can see many inconsistencies of the official record and eye witness testimonies. There is a bigger faction at work here and this is why you should trust no one.

Here are facts for you to research. Gain the wisdom and understanding so that when the days come in 2017-2022. You will understand your own divinity within and will not be led astray by any species that may have similar intentions of controlling you as a species.

Historical records from ancient times tell a story of the Annunaki that genetically modified Humans to work mining Mon-atomic Gold. All 12 DNA strands were intact.

ZETANS (watchers) left to monitor-Notes in Bible and other texts

Reptilians won war over possession of earth- Ancient texts

Ancient humans disappear and modern humans have only 2 strands of DNA connected.

Control governments

300 AD Roman Political and Religious leaders meet to add books to a bible to have control over mass population consciousness

Masons allow Darwin funding to promote evolution in schools as a theory due to the sudden questions concerning organized religions.

Zechariah Stitchen was The only person allowed to talk about the possibility for the agenda without ridicule from the experts in Masonry. He himself was also a 33 degree mason which is the problem.

Reptilians are a species in decline. They can not keep up the secrecy nor can they continue the blood line in secret. Secret blood lines exposed by David icke and many others. Draconian s are dimensional but most of the other forms are becoming extinct.

For every 1 year that the standard civilians advance in technology, the United States Military advances 44 years.

God is really equal to She. She must be in you, She is the creator never the destroyer. If an atheist tells you God does not exist they are saying in truth they do not even love their wife. She has had many names Greek mythology Diana. She is creation. Without her you could not exist.

Supporting facts religions subjugate and hold down women in their churches.

I think this is enough I will say on this. Remember the truth is light for light is knowledge and darkness is lack of knowledge. Pure thoughts can create anything you desire. This is truth and I cannot stress this enough. For those already awaken to this you will see how pure intentions manifest good results.

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