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Thursday, January 1, 2015

FACEBOOK VIOLATES Privacy? Looks like it

 In the ever awakening of the human consciousness you can see that the all time criminals may include Facebook. Facebook Might have a classaction law suit to their name. In fact there are many alternatives that are a lot better and will never share your information.

One such website is based in Iceland and that site is this site caters to the actual privacy of the users and does not give any of your personal data to the Criminal elements of the US Government.

If you are concerned for your privacy and want a place to talk about anything you want without having a company violate your 1st amendment rights then the time to switch is now.

In a recent poll the popularity of facebpook is going right down the toilet. The lies that they do not collect data and give it to government agencies is false. there are several links in the video above and tomorrow we will be doing a special on this to show you that this problem is going on.

The alternative to face book is growing and since the site originates in Iceland is the safest bet that your privacy will be at the forefront of importance to the website. Ever since Face book went on the IKO they are a part of the problem to consciousness. People need to be free without having any restrictions placed on them and the only way to be truly free is to have the truth shine through.

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