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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Current system Evaluation and Solution

Under the current System there is no future for mankind and it must be stopped.

Problem: The current Global society of mankind is being led to utter destruction by a rich oligarchy few. These people are criminals and nothing more. There are solutions where we can arrest and bring peace and justice to all but it has to be done in this way.

Some people are under the delusion that an Anarchy society of utopia would solve the problem. This will show you why this can not solve the problem, because even in our own universe there is a council. True it is not a Government but it is a Council. In this belief society they would seed the illusion that society would run on. True because day-to-day work and society needs are never govern by government anyway.

Problem with an Anarchy society: The truth of rights and freedom are what they stand for. These are true but the one thing they fail to take into consideration is they are living on these soils and must protect them. In this type of society there is no watchful council to make policies when it comes to foreign nations invading. True this system would work if the entire planet would adapt to it. For a lack of better knowledge you know this will not happen. Therefore if you need your borders on California more secure from invaders, in an Anarchist society they can say no. Now women get killed and babies die from these radicalists that the Builderburg would surely put there by brainwashing. Now Who punishes them for not obeying basic common moral laws? Since they can do whatever they want, they can choose not to defend their home from an enemy that could be concocted by those who lost power?

The Solution: this is simple and if you listen to me you will see where this goes. No person would have any problems paying a small tax for the ability to have resources in their own perspective states. The United States Government needs to be wiped out. Here is what needs to happen. Each state will hire a council in the matters of the state. The Constitution can not be infringed because it was a document that prevented Governments from taking away basic rights.

Even though this is a low number to think about, let us do some basics. Let us say a state has 180,000 people living in it. Now let us say that the amount of money to handle the exact problems that state needs is 150,000 dollars a year. The council members get a set salary of 30,000 a year and there are only 5. 1 for agriculture, 1 for health both medical and spiritual, 1 for education (real education not controlled), 1 for science (benefiting all not just the few), and finally 1 for ecology. So the total cost of our council members for that state a year is $150,000 and the total money for problem solving for that state is $150,000. The total is $300,000 per a year. So divide that by 180,000 people would give you A whopping cost of $1.66 per person in tax for the problems and the council. Do the math for yourself it is far less than the criminals taking mass amounts of money and you get nothing back in return.

The best part is the people appoint members for their experience in the field. For example, The food is regulated for the health of the people by those that are smart in the field of Agriculture, Like farmers, and not a political lawyer paying a select food industry. Agriculture experts would know what is safe for families to eat.

I can go on, but I think this gives you the basic idea. In a world where these morons are heading to the entire destruction of the human race, and not just America, they intend to wipe all all of Russia, China, japan, and everyone else that they deem as stealing their air. The one thing is certain, control must be maintained from each state and country to get rid of these criminals and make them pay back all the entire debt they themselves have created. Once this is done, you will find no one has any real enemies, enemies were science Fiction to keep the war machine moving for their gain. War is obsolete and a peace must be maintained to live a coexistent life on this planet together.

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