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Monday, August 25, 2014

My story The Reality of being spiritual truth and the false claims of evolution as creation.

                                       My story as it happened to me with some information.

We will see facts that disprove the weak minded evolution theory, from what the GOVERNMENT put into schools in the first place, and show proof that being whole can make a difference.

First before I go into my story, let us look at some basic flaws of the Evolution theory from today’s standards.

1. Man could not have evolved from apes or an ape like species.
The reasoning for this is the intelligence of mankind would have had to decrease to that of an ape. Given all the new data of Technological advanced civilizations and war destruction we can see that there has not been a decline in man's intelligence. The truth of this fact is that man himself has not evolved at all in the last 2,000 years. Okay so we have a better way of life, we have modern technology, but we are doing exactly the same thing that man as done 2,000 years ago. We are still arguing over beliefs, race, creed, ethics, social status, religion, education, parents, and many of the same old same old jokes that do not matter. So this alone shows NO EVOLUTIONARY PROGRESS AT ALL.

Everyone knows that you cannot believe anything the Government tells you. Okay so there is a man, and he stated on national television that the Government had lied to him about the gulf of ton-kin incident. With that statement it can be said that since the Government put evolution in the schools, how can you believe that as truth in the first place. Either You denounce everything the Government says or You have to believe everything that the Government says you cannot pick and choose what you want to believe just to make your belief point. That is the definition of HYPOCRITE.

I can go on and on with all the new facts that science now catching up to us is now able to be seen. Remember this You never need proof for anything you just need to feel if it is right or wrong. Your souls feeling will never lie. Before this story of facts that had happened to me, let us think about that last statement. Do you remember a time when you were taking a test at school and really did not remember the answer, but you felt the answer was C and you marked it, but you second guessed yourself and crossed it out to mark D because it sounded right. When you got the test back you saw that that question was marked wrong and the right answer was C and you thought dam I knew that. So why did you second guess your soul? Seeing your soul is always right and never wrong you would always listen if you were smart.

Learning lessons the hard way

Now I know all that know me, or at least knew me before all this had happened to me would agree that I was bull headed and stubborn. Let us just say that after the second Gulf war I was fed up. I saw what was really going on and I was wondering how can the media be so darn stupid not to see what I and a few of us were seeing. We were seeing quite the opposite of what main stream news was reporting, and why not we are here they are not and have no clue.

So now I want out and I had to go to the Army jag because these idiots gave me my free walking papers by not updating me in the system. Since My LES statement had my separation date as June 2, 2002 and it was 2004 I had them by the tail. Okay so now the JAG does the rest.

I am not happy with this because in 1999 I had already begun my plan for revenge. You see I went to the NU-Wave Wrestling Association school to learn pro wrestling and later in 2001 I went to slammers wrestling Gym to get a mixed education. My goal was simple to create a different wrestling business to create jobs and get youth off of the streets therefore I would help the economy and beat them once and for all. As well as a loyal army if they tried anything that we knew was coming.

So anyway, I am almost there to another plan show, and low and behold something is happening to me. I did not know at this point how serious it was going to be. My hand started shaking so bad, that the simple act of holding a cup of coffee was a chore. You would know where I went all you had to do was follow the drops.

I am still planning this one, but now something almost crazy happens I am loosing weight at an unbelievable rate. So I get on the phone and cancel which really gets everyone wound up but I do not CARE there is something wrong here and I come first. Now I am loosing weight no matter how much I eat, I have been cramming 3 to 4 plates of everything from mashed potatoes, chicken, pasta this is every day. I am 127 pounds and I am 6 feet 2 inches. Not that healthy looking is it? Okay so now I am still thinking in this third dimensional existence and still fired up and working as a slave.

A 180 is on the way.

Okay, so now I am thin, sick and still doing the same job getting madder at this government and I am working through the day to work out plans at night to better and low and behold the changing of my life is coming and I was not even aware it was coming. So I am getting dressed to work at the bank where I have to patrol. I get there and check in, but I feel very odd. I go outside and make the first patrol, it was not that hot but now I’m having chest pains and sweating. My mom was a nurse so I knew something is wrong here.

So I get on the phone and call my boss Tony and tell him I’m having chest pains. Guess what he tells me? Yep I have to wait for a relief, What!?!?! is this moron out of his mind? Yes he is so now I call 911 and tell the operator all the information they tell me to sit and paramedics are on the way. When paramedics arrived it did not take them long to hook me up to that machine and they said, “ Oh yes your having a cardiac episode you are going.” Okay so now in the abundance I text tony I dialed 911 they taking me have fun.

So now I am in the Ambulance and I am just calm because I know that no matter what I cannot do anything about it. Now the paramedic is saying, “ man you are so calm what happens if you die?” I looked at him and said, “ well, I cannot do anything about it so why should I even worry about it.” So now I am at the Hospital and I am laying on a bed waiting for the doctor to come in. Anyone that has been at the emergency room knows this takes forever. Now the Doctor comes in and says since you were having a cardiac episode we are going to do a test to check your heart. So in a while they puncture a hole in my groin so they can manipulate this tiny camera up to my heart. Who knew that the way to a man's heart is through his groin? Yea sure there are some women out there that are saying gee we already knew that. Okay so now I’m there after and the Doctor comes back in and says, “ Mr. Fluet your heart and lungs are fine, they are perfect.” “Okay so what went wrong?” I asked he said, “ I do not know, so get dressed and go home.” I did not get any answers from him and I’m out at 10:30 at night.

Okay so I go to the Veterans Clinic the next day. And Dr. Miers thinks it may be a hyper thyroid, which is bad, or Angitis. So He has not had the time to diagnose me. Now my Dad passes away due to incompetent Doctors and I go back to Virginia, Which was a mistake but hey its ok I learned, and go to the Salem VA. Now I am told I have Hyper thyroid and I am placed on 90 milligrams of Propanolol and 60 mg of methimezole. Due to contrary at this point of time I was getting sicker, my hands were shaking so bad that the most simple act of carrying a cup of coffee was impossible without leaving a trail. You could always know where I was just by following the drops. Forget about bringing a plate from the kitchen table to the coffee table that was a no go. So simple things that people do everyday and take for granite that they can do I cannot do. Now I am getting slimmer 120 pounds and no matter how much pasta I eat it is not helping so now I go and think. What am I doing wrong? Where did I go wrong for this to happen?

Back to Spiritual basics.

I remembered from my school days that the spiritual leaders for the last 13,000 were the Buddhist monks So I looked into meditating and it said clearly Oneness of the universe and self consciousness and self responsibility. I started again to meditate daily. Focusing on breath control and spiritual healing because the medicine sure was not doing a darn thing. My attitude at this point was, what could hurt I’m already to thin for my size and the doctor is banking against me so what could hurt at this point might just help me.

Each day I make sure I spend 1 hour or two meditating and healing myself. Every day I keep focused on love, life, peace, and keep love strong not even paying attention to negativity but understanding that no matter what I do or do not do, the universe will always unfold exactly as it should. Okay so now two weeks go by and the Doctor from salem calls up and reduces my Propanolol to 40 MG and the methimezole to 20 mg this reduction in medicine keeps going every two weeks I am now on 7.5 mg of methimezole and I am not taking any blood pressure pills of propanolol at all. I have since relocated back to Las Vegas to undergo treatment and I have gained weight I am 178 pounds I look good my head is no longer bigger than my body and my eyes are not looking like they were. I feel healthier and happier.

Proof of this is all written down in my medical records. This is what had happened to me to get me to see clearly. Without the blinders of this dense reality I see things different and what is more importantly is that people around me can see clearly that I look better and it shows. Changes to my life are both physical and spiritual because Mind, Body, and soul have to be one. Funny because is this not what martial arts teach as balance?

There is some scientific proof of meditation as a healing source because it is from within yourself. There is so much more I can say, but the truth of this is you are responsible for yourself. No matter how much you would love to change the ones you love and show them how much better life can be, the reality goes back to universal law which says you can not ever directly interfere with the self evolving of any person or individual which means they are responsible for their own happiness and self development. It is our responsibility to at least gently and lovingly guide, but the choice has to be with them.

Want a starter I have written general knowledge down but the truth must come from within your own soul. I have already had my wake up call, this call was a dangerous one. It placed me in a position where if I did not get on the right path, I would not be here today telling you my story, I would be dead and gone another tragic loss because of lack of knowledge.

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