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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Review of The Book Pleiadean Knowledge

Many people are starting to read and understand. they do not any longer listen to the lies of the trolls.

   many people have read and understood the tools and lessons that were in this book. "Pleiadean Knowledge" Clearly outlines the importance of understanding the divinity within yourself, and it shows you the truth about how we are all connected.
Readers of this book have actually been able to quote what the chapter outlines and what lessons were more important for them here is one below.

As you can see for this person the lessons that meant most to him or her was the information on Consciousness and the Luceferian Philosophy because of what cabal is controlling the governments. Understanding is the real truth. Let us get to the point This is the book that should be purchased and read because without knowing the true tools How then can one even begin to journey to the right path.
if you think about it you are the only one responsible for you and if you constantly lie and write negative reviews, articles, paragraphs, or stories you are no better than the evil that has corrupted this world. No one should ever listen to negative feedback, reviews, or lies. A person needs to go on their own and buy things for what they need spiritually and physically. they should never listen to a negative comment because like so many negative comments they are false.
So if you want the truth this book was very well done, in fact it even outlined frequencies in order for you to understand there are things you cannot see but work with every single day.
look here for yourself

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