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Thursday, June 12, 2014



We can play any windows game on Linux with the right wine front end. It is not that hard.

Today we are going to show those that have no computer skills, or experience and are trying Linux how to play windows games with Linux. In all cases the MMORPG games run smoother and the lag is not present. I use crossover which you can purchase for a small fee but believe me it is worth it.
Another front end is playonlinux and that is also a good one too. Today I will be installing Lands of Lore. Let us start.

I use YLMF and have fixed my desktop to look like windows XP by using the XPGNOME program so it will be more familiar to those that are behind the eight ball and are still using windows.

Step One go to your start menu, where ever it is on your Linux OS and scroll down to where your crossover is, or your playonlinux. Then click to install windows software.

Now we will just follow the steps for those using Crossover.

Scroll down to see if the game you are installing is on the list. If it is not, because like me I am installing GOG Lands of Lore which is not on the list so we will have to use other. The other is not bad it usually also takes the CD right from the CD Rom and installs the game. Just remember the minimum hardware requirements for the game still applies, just because you have Linux in your computer does not mean you can run World of Warcraft on a 386.

Next we will have to get the file from the location, in my case it is the CD.

 Last we are going to install the bottle name, this is not really important, but if you install a lot of OTHER software it will lead to confusion, so I am going to rename the other bottle to Lands of lore.

 Now with those simple 3 steps I am going to hit the install button and install my game just like it would install in windows.. I will put the install pictures below.

Now when the installation is finished we will launch the game and we will play this just like we would on a windows system. There is no difference really I see better performance, I see a safer system, and I see me playing the games I want weather or not the game company has tech support for Linux or not. 

As you can see the game works. I hope this helps all you people that want to play windows games in Linux.

Besides the fact that Linux is safer today than using windows, it is always good to be able to use the computer for what you want to use it for.

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