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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Using Linux I can Install Warcraft III with 3 easy steps using crossover Linux, and still have my safety and security.

  This is an instruction when you are smart and using Linux Operating system in order to protect your computer. There are ways to get programs to work and some Linux operating systems are far better installing windows games than others. This is mainly for those that say you can not play windows old games on Linux.

   Let us look at an operating system that is better in some cases with windows games and programs, that Operating system is Zorin. Now I use crossover Linux as the front end to the wine emulator so we will show you how to proceed with this.

  The first step is to go to your menu and click on your Crossover program and then click on install windows software. When the crossover program windows starts the first click should be other software.

Then you should go to file and browse where your Warcraft III file is located. Finally, go down to bottle and label the bottle WARCRAFT III.

Now you are ready to proceed with the installation. Click on the install button, and watch he program install just like it would if you were using windows.


After the program is finished installing you should have a desktop shortcut placed on your computer desktop, just as if you were using windows. Now for the fun part, you get to double click the icon, just like you do using windows, to start the game.

As you can see, Linux is a far safer operating system than using windows, and due to the fact most hackers really have it easy with windows, Linux can be used for gaming as well as office and on-line.

From the safer computer, to being able to play the games I want to play, and the most important factor for ensuring that my computer and data are safe, Linux is the only operating system that I use when on my computer.

This was a brief tutorial instruction on how to use crossover Linux in order to install windows games, In most cases, however, Playonlinux is free software and already included on Zorin, for that matter, and does the same job. In most cases all the games I play some are listed on the updated Playonlinux front end.

For more information on Playonlinux go here:

For more information on Wine ( Windows Emulating) go here:

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