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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Urgent announcement and message 6/9/14 (made with Spreaker)

MONDAY, JUNE 9th, 2014

Tonights Broadcast is sponsored by
Pleiadean Knowledge By: M.R. Fluet


Avoid the Brazilian World Cup Things
you need to know about the area that you are not being told. We are
Anonymous, We are Legion, We Do not forgive, We Do Not Forget EXPECT

Message from Light

You are all that is, You have the
ability within you to take in the light and you will see your body
rejuvenating and you can see you have the power within.

A message of truth

Pleiadean Renegade Message of

The problem with belief is that it is
false, will you choose to shelter yourself in belief or will you
allow the energy to show your path that is at your very feet? The
choice is yours

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