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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mark Fluet Radio- CONCIOUSNESS (made with Spreaker)

Broadcast is Sponsored by "Pleiadean Knowledge" the new
book by M.R. Fluet. This subject matter as the actual experiment
proving this is found in Chapter 7 of the book. These uploads are a
more in depth version of what Mark Fluet Shows you. Not only in his
work, but in his life as well. Not many people know this but Mark
Fluet was close to death with an overactive Thyroid, and through
spirituality and meditation and applying inner peace to his life as
was really taught by Jesus and not these false Beliefs Mark Fluet as
well as thousands have made a difference in their own personal lives.

Spiritual Self Enlightenment - A Revolution in Human Spiritual

A chance for you to find
your own spiritual self enlightenment through a set of teachings. In
these videos, part 1 to part 9 you will learn in level 1, part 1-5 to
understand the physiological workings of YOU, the mind, the ego, the
subconscious mind, the controlling forces of you and how to overcome
these forces which will lead you to overcome suffering, also you will
learn to love yourself and your inner child

By: L. Monk

Why is the consciousness
so big? The fast truth on what is going on all over the planet. Yo
would have to be blind not to see it. This is a lot of information
that is important.

Also Our show moves to
Monday at 6:30PM


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