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Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tonight's Broadcast is sponsored by "Pleiadean Knowledge" The New book by M.R. Fluet that shows you the tools you need. Are you blind can you not see the system is being shown that it is an illusion, get out of the darkness, stop being a lemmings get the book and wake up.

Tonight's Stories

* Banker suicides
 JP Morgan had an isurance policy on Bankers that are dead in the millions that were unknown to their loved ones. Are these the rations of people that were gonna blow the whistle? Or is this suicide for the shame of being involved with it all?  Goldman Saxx Is shown as the fraudster and what is happening to the financial system. The message is clear the times are changing for the better. Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about.


It is a Divine Done Deal Now Ahead we go The City Will be rising out of Austrailia.

SaLuSa Message
 Matters will soon be coming to a head as the light becomes on the earth. Sometimes we need to allow Karma Situations to happen to have that karma cleared. This is a fast track to Ascention.

The Lighted Ones

Uplifting Message from the lighted Ones. No one can define your experience but you. Belief is not real, belief is choice. Waken all those.. If you are waiting for the clouds to part and the thunders to come down it is NOT going to happen..Wake up

Listen to it tonight 6PM E.S.T/ 3PM P.S.T

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