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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Ignored abilities of our mind through the consciousness of the cosmos.

“ Fact: Science all by itself has not produced the very rapid changes to our political and global spectrum that we have seen in only the last 2 years”


Science, by itself, holds pieces of the proverbial puzzle of reality, however, it is not all of reality.
DR. Michio Kaku, A theoretical Physicist, just published another book on the New York Times Best sellers list. Although he is close, he is not close enough.

He is convinced that humans cannot move things with their minds as in Star Wars. That belief has both Truth and Lies in it. If we look at the mind we are looking at a receiver, and therefor must understand that in order to use it we have to be an extension of the energy we are using.

To clarify that statement, If one was ever at a shooting range, they may have heard the instructor say, “The gun is an extension of you” This means you are controlling that weapon and how you hold it, how you fire it, and how you aim it are all factors on the results.

With that being said, The Universe energy of creation through a conscious thought created extensions, we are all those extensions. Being an extension we can learn to utilize the energy through our own consciousness to achieve very amazing results. Again it is understanding you are using the mind as a way to use the energy through your consciousness to make things happen, rather than just thinking about you moving something. The mind should be looked at as the basic receiver that channels the energies and frequencies through it.

In the early 1970's there were several shows on Television, that clearly showed they were not tricks, and it provided some insight it was possible. Those shows, however, were taken off the air and are extremely hard to find now, due to the fact that the corporations did not want to have their plans under-minded so soon.

The Universe is constantly expanding, Thoughts, frequencies, energies, and many other forms of life that are connected to us in ways that you have not even begun to understand. For I know all or most of you have heard this said at one point, “ The truth always comes out in the wash.”

Did you ever wonder, why relying on Science alone for the last 200 years, have never produced the very rapid results to our political and global spectrum we are seeing today?

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