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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Legitimate PTC Sites that PAY

Pay per click sites are legitimate, yes there are some scammers out there and we will get to that on another article. Let us look at the Sites that do pay.

                   NEOBUX Neo Bux is an elite paying site with a track record to prove it. This site is the longest and is a legitimate paying site. follow the link to sign up and start earning.  NEOBUX  For rmore information on NEOBUX on its a true paying site go here  PTC INVESTIGATIONS REPORT

                 Nerdbux, Although this site is new a bit, it has proven so far that it too pays out in a timely manner. This site is legitimate and you can sigbn up and start earning at this link: NERDBUX For more information on Nerdbux being a true paying site go here: PTC Investigation report

                                     Cash Camel is another Legitimate paying site. To this day this site truly pays its free members the way it should be. You can sign up on Cash Camel here  Cash Camel  For More information to see this site pays go here: PTC INVESTIGATIONS REPORT

              These are but a few paying sites You can go to Money Outlet's Website and see more. You can make money online they do pay

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