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Friday, March 7, 2014

Male and Female Energy

"Understanding the energies of the Brain you operate under, can be a major factor in getting in tuned with you."

             First, before I start I need you to know that the male and female energy are not the same as the sex, or gender of the species.
            Male Energy- Left Brain Hemisphere oriented, Strategic, Logical, fact seeker, evidence and fact oriented.
            Female Energy- Right Brain Hemisphere oriented, free flowing, loving, compassionate and creative, does not work well when constrained.
            Neither one is better than the other. One must truly balance both in order to be whole.
            Think about which one of these scenarios are the energy which you operate under, therefore knowing yourself as a start.

When you are traveling to work, you take the direct route to get to your destination, with no alteration of the course, under normal circumstances. If this is you, then the male energy, or the left-brain hemisphere governs you.
            On the other hand, if you are traveling to work and you take scenic, or different routes because they are beautiful, or awaken and inspire you, to help you cope through your day, even if it means being a few minutes late to work, then you are governed by the female energy, or right brain hemisphere.
            The male energy cannot understand fully the female energy. The female energy, at times, is not logical and this will cause those that operate under male energy to argue, what they believe to be, factual points and then place time limits on this energy. What the male energy does not realize is that female energy, when constrained under these circumstances, become out of control, emotional, and it truly effects the creativity of the female energy. This is mainly because the male energy sees things in parts. If the male energy could balance their female energy, they would realize this and understand the right steps to take. It is where they find balance by balancing and understanding both energies, so as not to destroy a relationship.

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