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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Why the Virginia Governor will make a bad vice president.

The state of Virginia has a scandal these days of why the governor refuses to take responsibility for the fact the the Virginia Employment website has no due diligence in investigating the stability of the companies it advertises hiring these days. so many people were scammed by a fraudster, they have received no pay and this is unfair labor. The state labor board can not do nothing because the company is registered in Colorado. The Colorado State labor board will not help you either because you do not reside in the state your complaining. This cycle of bull is a direct violation of fair business practices that are promised to the masses.

If Governor McDonnell cannot handle his state then what makes you think that he will handle all states. We have to make sure they can do the right job, so far the Virginia Governor has nothing to show.

For more proof that the Governor will not take responsibility to the victims of his state go to   and in the search bar type World technology Corporation.

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