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Friday, June 8, 2012

What I wish

I wish for people to patronize my online store, this way i can give back to the community we need so bad. I wish people would open their eyes, we have gone so long just turning our heads that we have forgotten what it means to be human. I would ask you this one question, What would happen today if your house burned down, then you called the insurance company and they said your not covered for electrical fires. Now your family is temporarily living in the streets, Would you like it if someone kicked your feet?

I ask this question in hopes you really think, because something is happening to this great nation. My grandfather was a true patriot, he served in the Navy during WWII and served as a fireman for twenty years in Waterbury, CT. On his death bed he turned to my mother and said he is ashamed of this country and what its becoming. That statement alone should get your attention that something sinister has been happening. here this great man that would hurt you if you talked about this country is now slamming this country on his death bed.

Maybe people like William Cooper, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and many more are absolutely right. if there is more than 12 people following then i would really think that maybe there is something to this.

I was a Federal law enforcement officer of the United States Coast Guard. I went in to the army national guard for an additional 6 years that's 10 years I served this country and I know what i see. I see that we have lost our humanity. Does it really matter if you are black, Mexican, or white? Are we not all human on this same planet right?

Ill tell you what i see. I only see one race the Human race. If we do not get back to basics in our own humanity we will loose what it means to be human. I have studied very carefully all information my way. I can not take information at face value but since there is a birth record on George h. Bush's dad that he was part of the Nazi regime, Then maybe we have been failing as citizens.

We are Americans tried and true, we need to remember what our Founding fathers went through. They opposed British rule because they wanted to be free, and yet we let their bloodshed be for nothing I see. We have lost our sense of all reality. The Government is a management position by trade. They should be working in our interests all day.

But it would appear that there is more here. I mean there are several casinos all over the world that balance their budget and normally that's in the millions of dollars. So if you really expect me to believe that Congress cannot balance our nation's budget, forgive me if i cry Bull.

We have to start reading and following the truth. this way when we vote we at least have some knowledge to put before the table. If you really think that the government is honest look what happened today with the National security leak. Forgive me the President is a manager of the nation He should know. Think of it this way, I'm sure Trump knows what happens on his properties. he gets reports he knows who steals from him.

I'm not trying to make you see my way I'm only asking you to think a little. Bush was an idiot. By far the biggest idiot i have seen. He had no place in the white house unless he was put their for a reason. There are over 50,000 people i know who did not even vote for bush, that alone tells me something is very wrong here.

In my closing, I only ask this if you truly believe in the American way of life, and you do not want to even know, just buy from my shop let us that care handle the rope.

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