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Friday, June 8, 2012


This is an american nightmare. they have actually found over $70 Billion Dollars in accounts and never used. The Federal Government is suppose to be a management Position. Our country is needing money for the economy for Enterpenuers to create jobs to fix our economy and put our country back to work. the fact that this is true is appalling. The fact that this money should be confiscated under the fraud waste and abuse laws and is not is terrible.

Our country needs those funds to help secure the Sovereignty of the United States. Now you are thinking of taxing the American people by the mile in gas because you are too stupid to make this country run is unacceptable.

Stop screwing over the American people retrieve that money put it into programs that will put America back to work and get our country on the map again. that is what congress is suppose to do.

Now onto senator McCain's comments on this plane droid crap. I DO NOT AGREE WITH YOU. The President of the United States is a management position, how the hell can you manage the system if the system is keeping information to themselves. its repugnant. We need to stop now and concentrate on the United States problems. Until such time as the American economy is 100% fixed, Our Education system is 100% fixed, our homeless problem is 100% fixed, you have no business in any other country to do so is treason against the United States People.

We are not going to approve of the fact that senator Ron Paul's son is supporting a man that was at the Bilderberg group meeting. that is appalling to me. I will never support any man that even makes a pit stop at their meeting. I WANT THIS COUNTRY TO BE FIXED. That is the role of the President. Not to support any agenda that would be to destroy our country that our Founding fathers worked so hard to make. WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE SOVEREIGNTY and nationalism of the United states.

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