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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A rant, Not a haven

Im trying to tell you what i am feeling. So I have seen many people write to me and say how can you believe a conspiracy. I do not believe anything at face value, for those of you that were in law enforcement you will understand.
I have to have evidence in hand. If i say something, then I have proof, Because the National Archive is really true. Its a governwemnt file system on history and it has been filled with president documents, along with every congressional investigation.
That is why i say what i say. You have never heard me debate outside what I know. I cant confirm or deny every issue thats posted. I can however think of a change that would eliminate any conspiracy again
Instead of having an electoral college that does not work How about a system that tallies every persons vote from every city. this way there would be no questions asked. There would be no conspiracy because it would be us.
There would no longer be any doubt in ones mind if we make a mistake we only have us to blame there would be no cover ups no conspiracy could weigh. Why cant people follow my idea would prove that we the peoiple actually voted.

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