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Sunday, June 10, 2012

An Idea to fix the economy

 I have an idea that would truly work. If people would get off this political party hump. Instead of buying car insurance which really goes to crooks, lets make a law of coverage that would actually work. We pay into a state bond of coverage and the interest that is accumalated from the time its in will go to a fund each state would use to fund job creation and each individual would actually get a praise of how much he put towards fixing our nation.
Now just to give you a basic low figure, let us say for the example that you have a population of 25,000. and lets say you have 24,000 people that drive and lets say for the sake they all own cars of a value of $2,000.( we use this figure because of the failing economy.) Now lets say we also put $5,000 medical attachment now thats 24,000 people at $7,000 dollars. Lets say that for 3 months it earns 4% this is whats there for job fund $6,720,000 dollars this is the interest that all the bonds earned this would be every interest point. It is a fair estamate even though some people still buy $22,000.00 cars but this money would make our economy run instead of financing insurance companies it would be a needed measure to make this work. Its in the interest of America that this must be done.
We no longer have to exhaust or borrow more funds. The Federal Government should learn to delegate to the states to make their own economy work this way. tell me what you think of this ill listen to comments. But know that my interest for a low deposit has made me $300.00 and that is a savings account with a low interest rate. So this is a thought that would work in our favor.

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