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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The True Depression.

The True Depression.

            Our Founding fathers have tried to warn us. In fact this has happened throughout history. Thomas Jefferson fought the bankers and prevented them from getting ahead. Andrew Jackson was a true patriot that killed those rich bankers.

They paved the way for us true Americans. Now let me tell you what most people will not. The Founding Fathers were truly committed High Treason to win our freedom. Are you better than they are? They committed high treason against the crown of Britain.

Our Founding Fathers did everything to secure our liberty against the Corporate Bankers. They are the true criminals of this Nation and must be executed. If you look in the laws it is still a true treason is punishable by death. Rockefeller, Kissenger and all those Nazis are guilty under the United states Codes of treason. They need to be executed immediately.

I have already stated abolish the Electoral College we will finally control the election. We will finally put our government in our hands and execute the bankers. We will finally be free and yes I RESIST THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

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