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Friday, May 18, 2012

Best Flight Simulator Game Ever created

I have played many games, heck I go back to the Atari 2600 and pong. I have evolved through the Nintendo system, to the Super Nintendo system all the way through PlayStation and now Xbox. There has never been a game created that can match the reality of the terrain and the planes as PC PRO FLIGHT SIMULATOR. It truly is the best game ever made. The realism of the game is truly the best feature that it has. It actually looks like your flying. The programmer of this game has all the details down right to the windows in the houses. This is the perfect game I have ever seen, and it is a credit to the programmer for his precision on the details.
PC-Pro Flight Simulator has very intense graphics that put you in the pilot’s seat as if you were really flying a plane. It is believed that this technology is actually used in flight simulators for the US Government because of its high details ad performance. You cannot take this review with a grain of salt, you have to try it yourself and see. Games have come a long way from the bleeps of pong and the 8 bit Atari 2600, but they still have all the intense action they had when I was a little boy. Only better.


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