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Friday, May 18, 2012

Fluet Enterprises is trying to do its part.

Mark Fluet, the owner and CEO of FESHOPWORLD has launched his campaign to help support veterans. He has been a 10 year veteran of the armed forces and wishes to make it known that these vipers that pull out the stops to destroy our country will no longer be able to.

“It is with great disappointment that I see so many so-called non-profit organizations not live up to their need in the time when our country needs them the most.” This statement brought owner Mark Fluet through the doors to make his company sell military collectibles and he will donate straight to the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign wars. This way it is directly to the veteran’s organization itself.

Mark Fluet is determined to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the economy is truly up to us in the private sector and not the big bankers, or politicians, or any other rich entity. FESHOPWORLD started its campaign by emailing VFW and American Legion Officers making them aware of his campaign that will be never ending.

“FESHOPWORLD is doing its part to make our economy better, Now it is up to every person here in the United states to help this cause we are not taking donations we are asking you to patronize and buy our products we will do the donations.” Mark Fluet said with pure confidence.

Mark Fluet has outdone himself this time. Now the FESHOPWORLD owner and CEO are truly designing one of kind products for military and veteran supporters. FESHOPWORLD has gone Global and is directing worldwide traffic. This campaign is sure to make d a difference but that’s not all.

Mark Fluet is planning to take part of his own earnings and put them into physical store outlets where he will hire veterans that cannot find work. This is phase two of his strategic Economy fix plan.

He is asking for the entire support of the United States. Buy the products download the e-books, buy the games let’s all do our part and help our country get back on track.

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