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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Outrageous  runaround.

                In what is a travesty of injustice, the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia has failed again. All he had to do was exercise his authority to make a wrongful deed right. What had happened was the exact same agencies that I had contacted in regards to the fraudster Charles Johnson has been contacted again.

                The Department of Labor cannot exercise the authority due to the fact we have crossed state lines. It was investigated by the Virginia Department of Labor and they had responded to the Senator D. Webb’s office that the amount is owed but they have no resource. I again contacted the Colorado department of labor; I am not a resident of Colorado.

                Now for the architecture of the crime. I have already spoke to the Virginia Employment commission, but they have not as of yet changed their website to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of constituents. To this day anyone can post a false job onto their site, due to the fact that they do not do due diligence.

                What will it take? Am I going to have to send this story to every newspaper in the entire world? Will I HAVE TO MAIL THIS STORY TO EVERY EDITOR AND PERSON LIVING IN THE United States? This is an election year, if I have to I will because this has to be known that someone is not doing the job that is expected from him.

                It is time for a wrong to be fixed. We cannot allow our representatives that are supposed to be handling the problems of our community just sit back and do nothing. The time is now make sure this election you vote for only the person that will take action to change this country for the better. We owe it to our future generation to fix these problems.

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