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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beware of Fraudulent Employers

Beware of Fraudulent Employers

In this economy there are still predators out there that are actually providing slave labor. This means that you do not get paid for the work that you perform. The biggest racketeer in the United States today, is Charles Adam Johnson. Charles Johnson’s latest scams make people drive their own personal vehicles and go to businesses and peoples personal houses to fix dell computers under warranty.

The actual position is legitimate however Dell pays a certain amount per quarter and Charles Johnson keeps the money while you waste your time and money to keep the vehicle on the road to work.

The problem is that the crappy management this country has allows him to violate Federal law. The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the internal revenue Service is aware and has a full report. Actually I have been fighting this crime since I have been a victim. I swore not to allow this to happen to anyone again.

The Federal Trade Commission is next on my list; these are the guys that can prevent Charles Adam Johnson from ever being in Business in the United States ever again. Please help me write to the Federal trade Commission write and tell them we need stricter laws against businesses to prevent the good people from being victims of racketeers like these.

I am calling on all people of the United States to write to the Governor of their state and demand that businesses be put on stricter punishments for racketeering and fraud. These are the people that are responsible for the economy. If they do not hire a lot of people they are destroying our economy. If everyone is working, then everyone is earning. If everyone is earning, then everyone is spending. If everyone is spending, then the currency is circulating. If the currency is circulating, then our economy is flourishing.

Help get rid of these criminals that destroy our economy. Get Justice, Write to these governors demanding that they pay restitution to their victims and pose stricter laws against racketeers like Charles Johnson.

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