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Sunday, April 15, 2012

      Front Runner

                                By: M.R.Fluet-Wytheville, VA

There is no time like the present to get on the front lines. When I say this I mean getting on the ban wagon of using your head. There are many things going wrong with our country today, and you have to be able to put things into perspective and make a change to a world spiraling downhill.

                First let’s discuss how the travesty of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia has sat back and allowed gross negligence to be the standard operating procedure for the state. When it comes first and foremost to protect the community, because, after all, they are the constituents that put you in office.

                The worst part is that they have avoided their responsibility due to the fact they have not performed due diligence in investigating their state job site. This is after all the worse. People in the commonwealth have a right to apply for a job that the commonwealth has after all investigated with due diligence to make sure it is not a scam.

                This is a message for all people who stand to make a change. This kind of travesty is transcending across the United States. California, Nevada, and most other states make sure that the companies that advertise help wanted jobs on their site are of a credible nature. This means on these job boards the company will pay you, and you will have benefits.

                In fact, from the date of this story as it becomes visible on the internet, The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia will have 48 hours to at least contact me. This is the Commonwealth’s fault. They are responsible through vicarious liability to conduct due diligence on the companies advertising on their Virginia Employment Commission website.

                This is an election year, I think it would be in the Governors best interest to make restitution to me and to the other citizens that he has effected, as well as make that step to change the Virginia Employment site for the better.

          Do not let this go people we have the power to ensure that the representatives in office are truly representing our interests, and not the interests of their own or corporate agendas.

                Help make our country better by helping me make sure that the politicians take full responsibility of their state that they govern. Think about this if we are parents of a household, and our 6 year old destroys the neighbor’s yard, are we not held liable for the actions of our sibling? Then why does the Governor not understand that he too is responsible for the conduct of individuals of the state that he presides. Time for others to come forward and help with a Supreme Court ruling. Let’s make these politicians either do their job or let’s all make history.

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