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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Free video that shows that $2000 cash online is possible

 Now I know what you are thinking, you are thinking been there done that and to this day have not made one penny online. So have you stopped to figure it out? Have you really figured out why you have not made money online. I made $1,000 in one week. It is true. I paid my electric bill before they shut it off and I was about desperate.
I tried a lot of sites I had literally nothing. Ok so how did I do it. I sat down and remembered what my math teacher told me. A computer does not see letters, it does not see pictures, it does not even see background, colors or anything. Literally the computer and the internet is blind as a bat.

That would mean the computer sees numbers it would see things like this 000011010100212100 OK so if it sees numbers than what has to be done is a systematic system on autopilot that generates revenue strictly on the numbers.
A lot of sites are starting to figure this out, and by all means with cell phones at 5.2 billion cell users then the numbers are right in front of your faces.

You can do this if you have any basic math skills. I mean some of you had to at least graduated high school

Numbers are really important in computers and computer science, it is not rocket science its darn math.

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