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Friday, January 13, 2012

Review of The Secret Holocaust Diaries

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Review of The Secret Holocaust Diaries

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Review of the Secret Holocaust Diaries.
This book was a real secret that Nonna Bannister carried almost to her Tennessee grave. She had to endure the Concentration camps because she was grown up in wealth. Learning forgiveness and compassion for her fellow human being was the most difficult task she had to take on. The Russian refugee Bannister (1927–2004) rarely spoke about her brutal experiences under the regimes of Stalin and Hitler, not even to the American she married after the war.
This book was a great inspiration to those that have read it. You have to imagine the horror and tragedy that she had to endure. This is a great read to those that can handle the cold heart truth of the Holocaust.
For those idiots that said that the Holocaust did not exist this spits right in their faces and shows that this was the worse tragedy in history.
There are not many books that have this impact. BOOKSGALORE has this and many more.

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