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Friday, October 15, 2010


What is the first lesson we have learned? If you guessed know your enemy then you are correct. The New World Order has made a fatal mistake again, as usual. They are trying to convince you that this State election of the 10th amendment right was planned. Ok..OK Now Logic has to play in to place here.

First let me tell you that the New World Order is only those Rich Arrogant criminals on wall street that have complete control over the money, and they want all of it and that is why they are trying to get your Social Security money. This is the same club that has destroyed what it meant to be an American, oh and by the way they said in the United Nations that they would slap the heads off of bad countries like the United States.

Ok now you know so now they are going to lie to you to tell you that they planned for the people to fight them..No Not really and they lie. Think about this if the states have their freedom and use their 10th amendment rights then the currency now goes to congress and must be backed by gold or silver..WOW that takes all the control away from the Federal Reserve.. Puts it back to the people and that would make US prosper.. guess what that is true and they can never want that because they are in control and why would anyone in control want to give it up?

Here is the link to their book and they have screwed up royally now because now you the people will have a chance to know the enemy, see what they really are and this will also give you an insight how to destroy them because you will see what they want. Destroy them take away what they want.


Get to the truth, and let us finally show them that we are not the bad country, they are the Rich arrogant morons that messed up and now we have them where we want them. Knowledge is power.

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