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Friday, October 15, 2010



You can now subscribe to the e-book outlet. That is correct and for your subscription every month we ore offering a trial offer for 7 days which after you sign up for the trial you will receive 3 E-Books for $9.99

After the trial you will be billed $19.99 a month and you will receive an E-Books a month some e-books charge $25.00-$30.00 but you get 1 eBooks a month for only $19.99 a month. LOOK what you get for signing up You get 3 EBooks just for signing up for $9.99 for the seven day trial you get The Internet System of wealth E-book, The true beginnings eBook, and Intelligent Creation E-Book,
Subscription Benefits include paying only $19.99 per month and getting all e-books regardless of listing price. Most E=-Books sell between $15.00-$42.00 No matter how much the E-book is we send it to you if it is part of the subscription.
You will receive self help books, Our Author's books even any new ones completed.

The best thing is the e-books are downloaded directly to you and you have them forever with no shipping.
This means you have the advantage of getting one of the millions of titles we have in circulation. The author has two new e books that will be the end of the trilogy of knowledge
Our brothers in the skies
Who Really covered the UFOS up
AMERICA land of the lost
There are many more and you get even the most expensive ones for only $19.99 a month regardless of the price. It is the best deal and to get the great knowledge to me it is worth it

Do not take my word for it..Go here and check out the site and get the knowledge for yourself..Knowledge is power


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