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Friday, October 15, 2010


The Solar Energy debate should have already ended. Reality is that you CAN hook the solar energy panels into the grid to supply power to the power companies forcing the meter to run in reverse, this is due to power now being supplied to the grid rather than being consumed by the grid.
It is far time that we get our act together and use solar power. It is not as expensive to do as these rejects from the human race say it is. I know you are thinking harsh right, but think about this Humans need to be FREE period anyone that does not have enough love for all humanity to make sure they are free and comfortable ARE REJECTS from the human race.
There are plenty of sites on the web that are legitimate, they have to be or they would not have gotten certain awards. As was always stated, if you want to learn the truth get the information only from the source. In other words, do not ask anyone in the power company or anyone else that does not work for the solar industry any questions, simply because they do not know the answer
For Example here is a site that gives you a lot of information to prove my point; SOLAR ENERGY IS TRUE this site is GreenDIYenergy (Top Converting) Solar,Wind Energy Diy Guide. This site will show you and allow you the option of getting this information so you have the chance to shove it in the people’s faces that say it cannot be done.

Stop being the Lemmings, things that do not think and will instinctively walk off a cliff, and start being humans and making a difference. The challenge is now put to you. Are you a Lemming, or are you a human?

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