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Tuesday, March 22, 2016


       " How moronic can people be?"

          First of all before I give the reasons the Internet made our lives better, I want to address this stupid IGNORANT show on Sci-fy entitled “The Internet Ruined My life”. Every story you hear is about someone trying to get attention or become famous, which if you have even a little brain, you would realize that it does not even matter what others think about you, it is important what you think about yourself.

People that want acceptance are usually the people with very low self esteem. These are the people that have to have others say great things about them because they in no way shape or form think for themselves. They can only be part of the sheep that will march off the cliff because they are so moronic.

Now let us discuss how the Internet made life so much better. BITCOIN. Now finally, the days of working 9-5 for a corporation that does not even give a crap about you are long gone. For those of us that have perfected a system of what to mine, how to use POS, and how to conduct business with this currency, are living totally free. We are no longer those people with the slave mentality working for paper that has no value. The US dollar is not real money, it has no value, where BITCOIN is backed up by math. True math has no value, but, if you think about it math is never wrong which does make this currency more valuable.

In short without the Internet there would be no freedom, so those morons on the show truly have to come to terms that they ruined their life, not the Internet. I have yet to see the Internet hit the send button of a naked picture of someone. It usually takes that moron to do it themselves.

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