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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bitcoin Understanding

 Now I am going to retract some of the articles I have written, due to the fact that the admins seem to be taking on the role of going ROUGE. Ok so let us talk about how I am really doing in bitcoin

Yes I live on it, no I am not printing more than the federal reserve, It is like having a job. If an investment site comes online i usually test it first, however even with ore mine they were online for a few years and people were making regular withdrawals and there were no problems reported, that is until Saturday, January 16, 2016 when they admin placed a false picture that the US seized the webdomain, which bitcoin cannot be seized it is decentralized and deregulated. That means for those of you that do not know, NO ONE HAS ANY AUTHORITY OVER BITCOIN.

I mine Dash (formerly Darkcoin) and do faucets as well as jobs for bitcoin. I work for bitcoin and bitcoin alone The objective is to find a secure point where your money is doing the most good and adding interest The real factor is mining. Now in Las Vegas there are places where the electricity is included with all utilities, THAT MEANS NO ELECTRICITY COSTS, so mining is profiable. The main focus of a miner is suppose to be livelihood not a big house paying an expensive electric bill.

Doing the dash faucets adds to the mining faster this is why you always find a pattern that works for you.

I do have another option but It is one that has multiple wallets and gives interest cdaily. It has been around a long time and since it is not well known I plan to keep it that way. The sites like Bitfactory and Oremine have seemed to take up the pattern of becoming thieves.

But they only take themselves out of the equation because bitcoin cannot fail only the companies that cannot stay legitimate. The best thing is these companies did not get bailed out, they failed and Bitcoin is still here. This is the future of currency, and it is by far time you learn a pattern because the Dollar will collapse, Think about it, you cannot keep printing money not backed by any gold and expect things to remain stable, your living in denial if you believe that.

The purpose was to tell you that you can live on it, you just have to find the right pattern that works for you. Mine is mining and the faucets because, I have total control of how much i make. That means the money always goes into my wallet daily, so when the amount hits a good amount in a few weeks it makes my check. Learn this and make your own way.

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