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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Internet: Our greatest weapon

Look around, are you too blind to see how corrupt our United Sates Government truly is? The wheels of the universe is circling and you are too blind to see. Let us take some one that knew more than anyone in the world today. No one is smarter than he is and he had already told you there are 11 dimensions to reality. How many times must this be repeated before stupid people wake up?

This quote from Einstein truly outlines the people that do not believe in UFOS, or that the Government is corrupt, Or even that there are secret factions at work inside our government.

What these idiots of society are trying to do, and Failing I might add, is try to keep people thinking as low density as them so they do not show how idiotic they truly are. UFOS exist, they come to earth all the time, bad ones take humans all the time, good ones at times, there is nothing you can say that can dispute 30,000 pages of evidence. That is if you even read. It is a proven fact that 97% of the people do not nor cannot read. This is why they know absolutely nothing. It is sad, but it is OK there are 7 billion people on this earth and if only two million people watch a you tube video, that is said to be popular, that is the minority. 7 Billion is a far cry from millions. The masses are awake. We will overcome. Until I see a You tube video with 2 BILLION hits it only shows the minority.

What I am trying to say here is that we should not be hypnotized or brain washed by television. We have the ultimate weapon against absolute despotism and that is the INTERNET. Never before have we as a species been able to connect to other people as far as other countries and all possible with just a click of a mouse.

The major media all around the world is owned by only five corporations, that includes the television, newspaper, and radio. This ensures you only get the controllers perception of that reality and
no truth in it for you to question. This is why using the brain may not hold the answers. You are limited in Constructed knowledge. If you do not believe me, how about another famous quote from Albert Einstein.

You are only limited to what you believe is your limit. Once you break free from your prison that you have constructed, you begin to see a deeper picture of what life and the universe truly are. You begin to get a feeling of knowing throughout yourself, as well as begin to understand the connection to all things. The Universe is buzzing with life and many have been trying to help our species for many centuries. The key to all the pivotal points are now in place, and you can quote me on this, in two years there will be a change in human society that will begin the complete unraveling of the fabric of constraints.

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