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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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What has come to light is some incredible knowledge that if you were one of the smart ones and purchased my first book, “Our Brothers in the Skies”, you can actually look into this book that was discovered years later and match up some of the species using my book as a concordance.

    What was really interesting is I covered certain things before that this book outlined in better detail. This information that is coming to light is like a runaway freight train that adds to the spiritual connection of the planet.

Just some interesting quotes from the book

These alone are something to think about how you have acted like you know everything and all other species think of you as a disease. I think it is time for change and that is why the machine of consciousness is in motion and cannot be stopped.

    Among other things and revelations this book brings to life is the story of a voluntary abduction for good. Something I really haven't heard of. I have heard of voluntary abductions where the person comes back, but never heard of this till this book.

 If you want more information I am leaving the link for you to download the book yourself free. Feel free to skip the advertisement. Remember Advertisement views support. The information is free.


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