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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mark Fluet Radio Shows

            Mark Fluet Radio Shows and schedules

World Truth Network
Fridays at 6PM (PST)-8PM(PST)

Mark Fluet Radio Broadcast
Mondays at 8PM-9PM

Mark Fluet has two shows weekly on two different sites. You can catch the World truth network on Fridays 6PM (PST)-8PM(PST) at, if you miss this show for whatever reason the episode will be available to listen in the archive on Fluet News Blog for that day. at

The second Show airs Mondays at 8PM (PST), with a five minute air time break and ends at 9PM (PST) at This is the new line up for Mark Fluet, especially since he will be trying to get as much information out to his listeners.

Coming up this Monday, January 12th, 2015 Part II and Part III of the Alien Contact 2017-2022.

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