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Saturday, January 10, 2015

ANYONE that Does not Think Reptilan humans exist are STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with the most sophisticated scientific evidence we are seeing the proof that the debunkers are nothing more than third dimensional nutcases that cannot understand that this world is not reality in a whole. There are 10 more unseen dimensions of reality that they themselves are too scared or too stupid too see. this means all people awake already know that the HUMAN -Reptilian Hybrids are reality because they stem from the 4th dimension which IDIOTS will never understand because they cannot come up to our superior intelligence.

Oh but wait there are now evidence that was exposed in 2007, and these morons in 2014 are still lying to people because they think they are intelligent, however every-time they open their mouth out comes BULL crap that the lying main stream media puts inside their tiny little minds.

Here is the link to Some real studies done by Mexico TOP Scientists to debunk the idiotic debunkers.

Remember do not believe debunkers they are liars and will get you killed because of their ignorance. I can safely tell you that no debunker has spent the money to travel all over the world, under the oceans, through the deserts and through every single continent of this earth. THEY ARE LIARS. They have not done this, therefore they do not know.

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