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Monday, January 12, 2015

Investigative Journal

 Here is the complete investigative information foot work I have done on an incident I mentioned in my book Our Brothers in the Skies. I will be covering the coverup situations of importance on the World Truth Network Broadcast for information.

The information on this post is my investigative notes on the Brush Creek incident which happened in Brush Creek, California in 1953. The Incident is not in debate, the PHONY Project Bluebook, which was nothing more than a failed disinformation, public relation campaign has not even fully investigated this incident. The Government was completely infiltrated before this point in time.

Book; Our Brothers in the Skies

Chapter 11 Page: 215

Investigative Journal

Case: Bush Creek, California
February, 1953

Synopsis: 1953 - Brush Creek, California. John Q. Black, one of two miners who witnessed a landing and humanoid at Brush Creek on May 20th of this year, witnessed a complete repetition of the scene, including the "little man" with the pail of water. The little man was dressed in a suit like a parka, and he descended from a 8-foot wide landed lens-shaped silver craft with tripod landing gear. The "midget" scooped up a pail of water, saw that he was being watched, then scurried back to the craft and zoomed away. His partner Mr. John Van Allen only saw the tripod landing gear marks, which were about 30 cm wide and resembled "elephant tracks." (Sources: The Humanoids, p. 53; Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia: A Century of Landings, p. 202; Leonard H. Stringfield, Situation Red, The UFO Siege!, pp. 49-51).

                        Report Information attached

Item                                       Title                             

I                                     Brush Creek UFO Case

II                                     Continuation reports

III                                   Original Sighting Info

IV                                     Brush creek Document Image        

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