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Sunday, January 11, 2015

For All those seeking the truth...

The UFO situation is very much a spiritual and necessary investigation. in the recent book that has come to light, The Alien race Book, a book that supports my book,"Our Brothers in the Skies" also shows that in the United States 80% of the UFO websites are CIA and DOD placed to offer disinformation is one of the DOD CIA propaganda sites that was tearing you off track.

Look at this information:

Summary: is DOD controlled and funded psyops William Irvine is Skeptic Overloard and Mark Allin is springer. Irvine is confirmed CIA.
Did a trace route on their Ip address:
The Above Network
P.O. Box 118
Comanche, Oklahoma 73529
United States

Created on: 17-May-97
Expires on: 18-May-15
Last Updated on: 22-Apr-07

Administrative Contact:
Irvine, William
The Above Network
P.O. Box 118
Comanche, Oklahoma 73529
United States
9179686652 Fax --
Technical Contact:
Irvine, William
The Above Network
P.O. Box 118
Comanche, Oklahoma 73529
United States
9179686652 Fax --
Commanche, OK? Their website says they are located in New York.
Written queries may be sent to:
The Above Network, LLC
Owners and operators of
450 Seventh Avenue
Suite 2000
New York, NY 10123
Pay Schedule # 023-38 Issue Date: 03 Oct 2006

SUBJECT: NAF Pay Ranges for the Comanche, OK Wage Area

TO: Commanding Officers of Military Departments and DoD Component Installations in the Area

The NAF Pay Ranges shown below have been established under authority of DoD Directive 5120.42
\"Department of Defense Wage Fixing Authority--Nonappropriated Fund Compensation Programs,\" ... 38-NF.html
Key words: Nonappropriated Fund Compensation Programs
Meaning these funds paid are outside of the DOD budget, i.e black or secret programs.

IP Address 213.206.128 213.206.129 213.206.130
Node Name Gov-bb21-lan-14 Gov-bb22-lan-15 Gov-bb23-lan-16
Location Langley, Virginia
MS 60
Network Used (for military network information)
It gets deeper. I believe that Commanche, OK is a remote site, and they have some DOD people there maintaining servers, etc.
Name Server IP Location US Reston, VA, US Reston, VA, US Reston, VA, US Reston, VA, US

Company Type:
Limited Company

Company No:

Company Address:
1 Sackville Close
Participant in this: Mark Allin COO The Above Network, LLC

Bill Irvine, The Above Network, LLC sits on the \"Long Tail\" Committee

From Linkedin:

William Irvine\'s Experience

The Above Network, LLC

(Internet industry)

Currently holds this position
The Above Network, LLC

(Internet industry)

January 2007 — Present (2 years 10 months)

VP Interactive
Cossette Communications

(Internet industry)

2000 — 2006 (6 years)

His website:

John Lear was ran off ATS years ago example
one of many threads ATS censored and 404 before was deleted I screen capped it BUSTED example
Signs Under Attack! EXPOSED!!!
1) Mark Allin (Springer) Lives in Comanche Oklahoma... and the P.O. box of the LLC is registered to a post office center in comanche OK... thus, why the whois comes back to there...

2) Their Host is located in Plano Texas... They use The Planet for hosting if I remember correctly... that is why you can tracert back to Plano TX... there\'s a huge data center for their hosting provider down there...

3) Mark Allin the oil guy is not the same as the guy you\'re looking for... if you want something interesting, look for Valhall, springer\'s wife... She is (or was) a halliburton employee...
Posted by SkepticOverlord
Then he goes on to make fun of it.
CLASSIC intelligence modus operandi!
When you see a visitor trolling your website regularly from Buffalo, NY... its Bill (S.O.) checking up on you guys.
We are Anonymous
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget



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